Should I use BigWigs or DBM?

Should I use BigWigs or DBM?

If you just simply need the information and prefer a more simplistic design then you should choose Bigwigs. Otherwise, you can choose DBM and receive alerts about what skills you should be using during a boss fight.

Can I use DBM and BigWigs at the same time?

You are fine with either. DBM is usually great if you don’t know encounters that well, its a lot more IN YOUR FACE about things, whereas BigWigs is neat if you want something more minimalistic and you know the fights well enough.

How do I set up DBM?

Type “/dbm” into your chat window to open the DBM settings window. Select the “Options” tab at the top left of the window. On the left side of the settings window you should now see different aspects of the addon listed, such as Raid Warnings and Bar Setup.

Is bigwig one word or two?

noun Informal. an important person, especially an official: senators and other political bigwigs.

How do I set up DBM bars?

What’s the difference between bigwigs and DBM?

DBM also has a much larger ability to customize and change, compared to Bigwigs. Not sure how people struggle with it, it’s very basic to change things around. If people don’t like the sounds/appearance/text on DBM, they can change it all to something they do like.

Why did I switch from dBm to BW?

DBM is too annoying, loud, and tells you way more than you need to. Plus the FF music at kills never gets old. Switched to BW ages ago because it used less resources and the person who made it was in a further-progressed guild than whoever made DBM.

Which is better for Wow BW or dBm?

I believe it has to do with the way I process. BW seems more about visual clues, whereas DBM is more about audio clues. I am already overwhelmed visually by Wow, so the audio clues of DBM are more helpful, and the additional visual clues of BW confuse me.