What are 340 x heads worth?

What are 340 x heads worth?

Re: 1969 340 4bbl with X-Heads Regardless of the bore size, I would say a nice running 340/727 set-up, ready to drop in is likely worth around $2500-$3000.

Do you need a tune after porting heads?

The sole purpose of head porting is to move a larger volume of air through the motor. More air requires more fuel to maintain proper A/F ratio, so yes I would definitely re-tune.

What CC is a 340 x Head?

030 inches brought the volume down to the stock 340 spec of 68 cc.

Will 340 heads fit a 318?

The problem with all the 340/360 heads on a 318 is the chamber measures about 70 cc, which will drop the compression to an unworkable low ratio on a 318. You can forget about decent performance with these heads and the stock pistons, so again, a set of moderately priced aftermarket pistons is the answer.

Do I need tune for ported manifold?

If the airflow into the engine changes enough due to the porting, then it’ll need a tune.

How many cc are the Mopar X heads?

most are usually 67 to 68 cc untouched. port volumes are int=160 cc, exh port= 75 cc. information, provided by mopar and NHRA.

Can you put 340 heads on a 318?

Which is the best Mopar Magnum engine head?

Small Block Mopar Magnum Engine Quest Iron Ram heads level 1 ported This is the best budget head available for the small block Mopar engine. While packing 270 cfm in the level 1 configuration these heads can support nearly 550 horsepower.

What’s the casting number on a 340 Mopar engine?

The 340 head provided exceptional performance and was highly desired and sought after for the A-engine. These heads are referred to as “915” heads because the last three digits of the casting number are 915. But they are also called “X” and “J” heads based on the cast letter on the head in addition to the casting number (versions of the 894 head).

When did Mopar stop making stock engine heads?

Mopar Performance began selling these 308 heads around 1990 as a service for Mopar Stock and Super Stock racers. Although A-engine production stopped in 1992, dealers often were lucky to get them when ordering service heads.

What kind of valve does a SB Mopar use?

Last we open the intake seat with a 4 angle valve seat cut to a nice large 2.02 size and BLEND the bottom cuts into the bowl making this one of the best flowing heads OOTB for the sb Mopar! And we don’t stop there. For valves we use Ferrea 5/16 stem, 2.02 intake and 1.60 exhaust and BACKCUT the intake valve for more flow.