What are interesting facts about Ronaldo?

What are interesting facts about Ronaldo?

1) Ronaldo was nicknamed “cry-baby” as a child. His mother Dolores Aveiro said: “When he got home from school I’d tell him to do homework but he’d say he didn’t have any. I’d be making dinner and he would jump out of the window and run off until late. He used to cry when he passed and his friends didn’t score.

What car does Ronaldo own?

Lamborghini Aventador Ronaldo did gift himself this car on his 27th birthday. It is a black beauty with a fantastic glow and shimmer. Rumors have it that he also owns a white version of the Lamborghini Aventador.

Who has won more awards Messi or Ronaldo?

Messi and Ronaldo have very similar trophy hauls, but Messi edges things when it comes to league titles, having won La Liga 10 times with Barcelona….Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi: Titles.

Cristiano Ronaldo Competition Lionel Messi
5 Champions League 4
4 Club World Cup 3
4 National Cups* 7
21 Total 26

How did Cristiano Ronaldo become famous?

Cristiano Ronaldo became one of Manchester United ’s most important players during his six year stint at the club and during that time the club became one of the most successful clubs in Europe as it won three league titles on the trot as well as the UEFA Champions League in 2008.

Why did Cristiano and Irina break up?

It is because of the love possessed by Ronaldo to his mom. Irina once disrespected his mother by not attending a party and afterwards abusing her. Ronaldo never liked this because he knew the pain his mother took to grew him up. So he left Irina.

What was Cristiano Ronaldo early life like?

Ronaldo grew up in a largely working class neighborhood, his home a small tin roofed shack that overlooked the ocean. His early life was shaped by hardship – afther his father dead in 2005, Ronaldo’s mother worked as a cook and cleaning person.

What are Cristiano Ronaldo hobbies?

Cristiano Ronaldo Hobbies Cristiano likes listening to music, hiking, playing video games and spending time with the less fortunate children. In 2004, he helped to pay for the cancer treatment of a 9 year old boy. Because of his generosity, the boy was able to get the treatment that he needed.