What are some monologues for kids?

What are some monologues for kids?

Monologues for Boys

  • Time to go, Rufus (Written by Indiana Kwong)
  • First dates (Written by Indiana Kwong)
  • Official Birthday Wish List, in ABC order (Written by Indiana Kwong)
  • The Green Tie Dye One Piece (Written by Indiana Kwong)
  • Little Sailfish (Written by Indiana Kwong)

What to sing for All Shook Up audition?


  • “Heartbeat” – Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story Music➝
  • “Music of My Soul” – Memphis Music➝
  • “Radio” – Memphis Music➝
  • “Serve Yourself” – Pump Boys and Dinettes Music➝
  • “Alone at the Drive-In Movie” – Grease Music➝
  • “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” – Jersey Boys Music➝
  • “Cry for Me” – Jersey Boys Music➝

What is the conflict in all shook up?

Jerry Denny, Josh Greenwood dad, being an Elvis Presley impersonator is the main conflict of the story. Josh Greenwood is very embarrassed by the fact that his dad is an Elvis impersonator. He will try anything to keep people from finding about about this, and I mean anything.

How do you start a monologue?

Start with a compelling opening line. With a good opening line. In literary terms, this is known as a hook. Consider starting your monologue with a surprising statement or emotion-packed first line. Your first line should get your audience interested in the rest of the monologue by leaving them with questions.

What songs does Chad sing in all shook up?


  • *Jailhouse Rock – Chad and Prisoners.
  • Love Me Tender – Natalie and Dennis.
  • Heartbreak Hotel – Henrietta, Dennis, Sylvia, Lorraine, Jim, and Barflies.
  • Roustabout – Chad.
  • One Night With You – Natalie.
  • *C’mon Everybody – Chad, Natalie, Dennis, and Company.
  • Follow That Dream – Chad and Natalie.

What songs does Sylvia sing in All Shook?

Sitting in Sylvia’s, the local honky tonk, the whole town sings the blues (“Heartbreak Hotel”). Natalie’s widowed father Jim enters and joins in, until they’re interrupted by the roar of a motorcycle: it is Chad (“Roustabout”).

What are the 3 types of monologue?

Learn More in these related Britannica articles:

  • dramatic monologue.
  • soliloquy.
  • interior monologue.

What are the 4 types of monologue?

Types of Monologues

  • THE AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL NARRATIVE MONOLOGUES. In these plays, the artist recalls actual stories and events from his life.

What are the monologues for All Shook Up?

If requested, here are a few audition monologues for All Shook Up: • “Johnny Talks Kids ” from Frankie and Johnny… (Johnny) After collecting your materials and getting familiar with the show, it’s time to move forward with the actual preparation.

Are there any free monologues for teens and kids?

52 Free Monologues for Teenagers and Kids of All Ages is an effective collection of short monologues for actors in need of audition pieces. Looking for and finding the right monologue is never an easy task.

How to choose the best monologue for an audition?

Choose a monologue that is suitable for the role you want. Are you auditioning for a comedy? Pick a comedic monologue! Want to get a role in a drama? Pick a dramatic one. Find one that tells a story. One that fits you, that has emotional relevance (both comedic and dramatic) and will keep those watching you interested! Find Your Monologue Below!

Are there any monologues that are copyright protected?

While the monologues in this collection are FREE, they are copyright protected. The monologues MAY be performed by children and teens in educational, competition and audition settings without requesting permission. The performer must cite the author AND Drama Notebook in his/her recitation. We are also building a collection of monologues on video.