What are the best seats at Great American Ball Park?

What are the best seats at Great American Ball Park?

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field Among our recommendations are the seats just beyond the team dugouts down the first and third base lines. If you prefer sitting closer to the Reds dugout (first base side), look for seats in rows EE and higher of sections 128-131.

What seats are under the overhang at Great American Ball Park?

At this time of day, 300-level club seating is the only way to guarantee a spot in the shade, as these small sections offer a natural overhang that should keep almost every seat in the shade. The only other seats that will offer protection at this time of day are the back rows of the upper deck.

Do you have to wear a mask at Great American Ball Park?

Masks are optional and no longer a requirement for entry to Great American Ball Park. If you have a temperature of 100.4 or are experiencing COVID related symptoms please stay home.

What sections are view level seats at Great American Ball Park?

View Level Box seating is found at the front of the upper deck, running from behind home plate to the right field corner. These sections have just 6 rows of seating, making it a very convenient options for fans that like to get in and out of their seats with ease during the game.

Which side is the home dugout at Great American Ball Park?

Where is the Reds Dugout at Great American Ball Park? The home dugout is located near sections 130, 129 and 128.

What is the Sun Moon deck at Great American Ball Park?

The Sun Deck/ Moon Deck is one of the most popular seating areas at Great American Ball Park. The seating area consists of sections 140 through 146 and are the best sections to catch home runs at Great American Ball Park.

What are dugout box seats?

Seated within the first five rows behind the Reds and visitor’s dugouts, our Dugout Box seats keep you right on top of the action! You and your guests can enjoy every pitch as if you are a part of the game.

Can you bring snacks into Great American Ball Park?

No glass bottles, cans, or alcoholic beverages may be brought into Great American Ball Park. You can take any food items you want into the stadium and water or soft drinks in plastic bottles.

What time do the gates open at Great American Ball Park today?

The gates open at 6 p.m., and the concert is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. All guests will be required to go through metal detection before entry. Upon arrival at the gates, fans will be asked to have tickets pulled up in the Ticketmaster app and ready to be scanned.

What are view box seats?

The View Box section offers a higher view of the field without being so high or far away that you need to pack your binoculars. Located above the press box, this section runs from the outfield end of the dugout on the first base side all the way around home plate and to the outfield end of the third base dugout.

What are view level tickets at Cincinnati Reds?

The Reds are happy to offer View Level tickets for just $10 to fans who show their COVID-19 Vaccination Card with at least one shot completed. Offer is valid at the ticket windows at Great American Ball Park only for Monday-Thursday games through the end of the regular season, subject to availability.

Where are most home runs hit at Great American Ballpark?

The numbers back up that frustration. Since GABP opened in 2003, there have been a Major League-leading 3,713 home runs hit there through the 2020 season. Oriole Park in Baltimore is ranked second with 3,636 homers. According to ESPN’s 2020 MLB park factors, GABP was rated as the most extreme hitter’s park.

Where are the best seats at Great American ball park?

Sections 113 through 121 sit behind the visitors dugout on the third base side and sections 121 through 127 sit behind the Cincinnati Reds dugout down the first base side. The infield box seats are the most expensive non-premium seats at Great American Ball Park and offer an excellent view of the infield.

Where is the monument at Great American ball park?

As a nod to Crosley Field, the Reds’ home from 1912–1970, a monument was created in front of the main entrance to highlight the park’s famous left-field terrace.

What was the cost of the Great American ball park?

Design and construction. Great American Ball Park was built by the architectural firms HOK Sport (now Populous) and GBBN at a cost of approximately US$290 million. It is located on the plot of land between the former site of Cinergy Field and US Bank Arena; it was known locally as the “wedge”.

How big is the scoreboard at Great American ball park?

Panoramas of downtown Cincinnati, Mt. Adams, the Ohio River and Northern Kentucky are visible from most of the park. View from behind home plate. The Scoreboard. At 217 feet, 9 inches (66.4 m) wide, the scoreboard from Daktronics is the sixth largest in Major League Baseball, and the 15th largest in the United States out of all LED screens.