What are the front wheels of a wheelchair called?

What are the front wheels of a wheelchair called?

Wheelchair wheels components and considerations Manual wheelchairs usually have two sets of wheels: A pair in front, called caster or steering wheels; And a pair in the back called drive wheels.

How are wheelchair casters measured?

Wheelchair caster wheel sizes are expressed with the tire already mounted. For example a typical 8″ x 2″ caster may consist of the caster rim which may only be 4″ in diameter and the other 4″ is made up from the tire. Look on the sidewall of the tire or on the side of the caster. You may find the size you need here.

What is a wheelchair caster?

The purpose of wheelchair casters is to stabilize the wheelchair while the drive wheels (powered wheels on a power wheelchair & large handrimmed wheels on a manual wheelchair) propel the wheelchair.

What is a chair wheel called?

Victoria Vaughan. Office chair wheels are also known as castors. Whilst they are typically 2-2.5 inches in size as standard, it is the style of the castor stem (the part which attaches the wheel to the chair leg) which determines whether the wheels will fit in other office chairs.

What are the different parts of a wheelchair?

The key components are the tires, the wheels, the axles, the casters, the leg rests, and the armrests.

  • Tires. Wheelchair tires are either solid rubber or pneumatic (air-filled).
  • Wheels. The wheels are usually spoked (wired) or molded (mag).
  • Axles.
  • Casters.
  • Leg rests.
  • Armrests.

What is a wheelchair axle?

The Wheelchair Axle and its various parts are responsible for maintaining the position of your wheelchair to provide you the comfort of moving out independently. Axles are among the most valuable parts of your mobility aids.

How do you measure wheelchair wheels?

The three digits are the metric (mm) size number which indicate the wheel diameter. A tyre or inner tube for a 24-inch wheel will bear the numbers 540, for a 25-inch wheel-559, and for a 26-inch wheel-590. Almost all wheelchairs have wheels of one of these three diameters.

What size are wheelchair wheels?

Wheelchair wheels come in various standardised wheelchair sizes: A standard manual adult wheelchair drive wheel size is 24” (~61cm); A standard power wheelchair drive wheel size is 18” (~45,7cm). Caster wheels start from 3” (~7,6cm).

What are frog legs on a wheelchair?

Frog Legs Shock-Absorbing forks eliminate 76% of all shock and provide the front casters the ability to lift back, up and over obstacles to minimize pitching. By combining the super-light, rapid response fork with the wedge damper, we are able to dramatically improve bump response through the optimized absorption zone.

What are the small wheels on the back of a wheelchair for?

Chairs with smaller wheels are usually called “Attendant Propelled”, this means that someone has to push you from the rear end of the chair in order to propel the chair. The smaller wheels allow the caregiver to maneuver the wheelchair easier than it would be with a self-propelled wheelchair.

What are wheels on furniture called?

Furniture casters are wheels that attach to the leg of a piece of furniture, allowing it to roll.

Why are chair wheels called casters?

The swivel caster is designed so that the wheel in the caster can rotate 360 degrees while under load. As the center hub of the wheel revolves around the center of the swivel section it is said to “cast” in that small circle. Thus, caster!