What are the main ferry ports in France?

What are the main ferry ports in France?

Find out more about our ferry ports in France & Spain including directions, driving distances, facilities at the port, port parking and more.

  • Bilbao port.
  • Santander port.
  • Caen port.
  • St Malo port.
  • Cherbourg port.
  • Le Havre port.
  • Roscoff port.

How many ferry ports does France have?

GETTING TO FRANCE Get closer to your holiday destination in Brittany , Normandy , the Loire , or Western France when you sail to one of our five French ports. They’re great destinations for a holiday or break in their own right!

Which were the French ports?

The major French port with cross-Channel connections is Calais, with frequent sailings to Dover. Other close French channel include Dunkirk and Dieppe. Longer routes are served from Le Havre, Caen, Cherbourg, Roscoff and St Malo. There are services to Ireland (Rosslare and Cork).

Where do Ferries go in France?

Routes and Ports in France

  • Ajaccio to Marseille Ferry. Corsica Linea.
  • Ajaccio to Nice Ferry. Corsica Ferries.
  • Ajaccio to Toulon Ferry. Corsica Ferries.
  • Bastia to Marseille Ferry. Corsica Linea.
  • Bastia to Nice Ferry. Corsica Ferries.
  • Bastia to Toulon Ferry. Corsica Ferries.
  • Ile Rousse to Marseille Ferry.
  • Ile Rousse to Nice Ferry.

What are two major French ports?

10 significant ports in France

  • The Autonomous Port of Paris.
  • The Port of Marseille.
  • The Port of Lyon.
  • The Port of Le Havre.
  • The Port of Deauville.
  • The Port of Brest.
  • The Port of La Pallice.
  • The Port of Calais.

Was Calais a Cinque port?

Between 1394 and 1396 the Cinque Ports provided their full Ship Service for Richard’s passage to both Ireland and Calais, even though only the four functioning ports provided the ships.

Which ferry port is closest to Paris?

The distance from Calais to the capital is around 180 miles, However, Dieppe is the closest ferry port to Paris. It is situated just 120 miles away with the drive taking under 2 and a half hours. The journey takes you through stunning French countryside, on a rural route passing Rouen.

What is the nearest ferry port to Bordeaux?

St Malo
Taking a ferry to the north coast port of St Malo will leave you with a 7 hour approx drive to Bordeaux or 9 hours approx to Biarritz – no further than driving to Languedoc, Provence or the Côte d’Azur. St Malo is the best of the northern ports to arrive; failing that, try Caen or le Havre.

What is the port of France?

The Top 10 Seaports of France

Sl. No. Seaport Detail
1 Port of Marseille Address: 23 place de la Joliette, BP 81965, Marseille, Cedex 2 13226, France
2 Port of Dunkerque Address: BP 6534, Terre-Plein Guillain, Dunkerque, Cedex 1 59386, France
3 Port of Brest Address: Avenue de KIEL, Brest 29200, France,

Can I take a ferry from UK to France?

Discover France with DFDS With DFDS, it’s easy to sail from the UK to France. Our Dover ferries take just 90 minutes to Calais, and 2 hours to Dunkirk and our ferries from Newhaven to Dieppe take just 4 hours. Calais is ideal for visiting central and southern France. Newhaven is great for exploring Brittany.

What is France’s largest port?

Port of Marseille
Port of Marseille Marseille is France’s largest port, the second-largest Mediterranean port, and the fourth-largest European port.

What is the second largest port in France?

The port of Le Havre
Statistics. The port of Le Havre is the second commercial port in France in terms of overall tonnage after Marseille and the largest container port in the country.

Which is the best ferry port in France?

Caen ferry port in Ouistreham is 15km north of Caen itself and has direct access onto the autoroute fast road network for a convenient onward journey into France. Cherbourg is one of the best-connected ferry ports in France and is a gateway to the beautiful Cotentin Peninsula.

What are the names of the ports in France?

Port de l’Embouchure; Port de la Daurade; Port of Caen; Port of Calais; Port of Deauville; Port of Gennevilliers; Port of Kergroise; Port Saint-Sauveur; Port Vauban

Are there ferries from Normandy to the channel?

Information on ferry ports in Normandy, including departure points and routes. Links to timetables and maps as well as contact information for ferry companies… Several passenger ferry services connect ports on the coast of Normandy with ports in England, Ireland and the Channel Isles of Guernsey and Jersey.

Which is the best port to travel from London to France?

Perfect for those travelling from London and the South, sailing to Le Havre takes you closer to Paris and eastern France than any of our other routes. Sitting at the western end of the Channel on Brittany’s coast, Roscoff port is a great entry point to France for those travelling to Brittany, the Loire and Aquitaine.