What are the toll charges on Mumbai Pune Expressway?

What are the toll charges on Mumbai Pune Expressway?

The toll rate for a light motor vehicle (LMV) (cars, vans, MPV, SUV) for the entire Mumbai-Pune stretch, which covers both the Kahalapur toll and the Talegaon toll, is Rs 270. The same for the Mumbai-Lonavala route is Rs 203.

How many tolls are there from Mumbai to Pune?

The toll rate for a Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) (cars, vans, MPV, SUV) for the entire Mumbai Pune stretch, which covers both the Kahalapur toll and the Talegaon toll, has gone up from Rs. 230 to Rs. 270, an increase of Rs. 40.

Is FASTag mandatory on Mumbai Pune Expressway?

Now Mumbaikars will have to use FASTag for their car as it has been made mandatory for road trips involving the crossing of any toll plazas across national highways in India. FASTags were made mandatory Rajiv Gandhi Bandra-Worli Sea Bridge and Mumbai-Pune Expressway from January 1, 2021.

Is Cash accepted on Mumbai Pune Expressway?

MUMBAI: Even though toll booths on national highways, including Mumbai-Pune expressway, falling around Mumbai region will accept only FASTag from Tuesday, the Bandra-Worli Sealink and five entry point toll posts on city’s fringes (Vashi, Airoli, LBS, Mulund and Dahisar) will continue cash collection in their few lanes …

How many tolls Lonavala to Mumbai?

Summary of your trip: There are total 1 number of Toll Gates/Plaza between Mumbai to Lonavala and total toll cost will be Rs 0.

How does FASTag work on Mumbai Pune Expressway?

In FASTag technology through radio-frequency identification the toll payment is made. The bank account linked to the FASTag account. This facilitates smooth crossover at toll plazas without halting.

Can I travel to Pune without FASTag?

The Union government made it mandatory for all vehicles passing through any toll plaza to have FASTags from February 15 failing which they have to pay double the toll as a penalty. “We were travelling from Mumbai to Pune and got stuck at the Urse toll plaza on the expressway for 45 minutes in the late afternoon hours.

Is FASTag compulsory on expressway?

FASTag, India’s electronic toll collection chip for national highways, is mandatory for all vehicles. Already, over 80 per cent of all toll collected across national highways is through FASTag. Therefore, not having a FASTag installed in your vehicle may prove to be very inconvenient while driving on national highways.

Can we go without FASTag?

In order to pass a toll plaza and make the payment digitally, a vehicle now must have a FASTag installed on it. Vehicles, without FASTags, will be charged twice the original fee on passing a toll plaza.

How much is the toll from Thane to Lonavala?

Distance from Thane to Lonavala by road is 85 KM; travel duration /time required is 1 hour 54 mins. There are total 1 number of Toll Gates/Plaza between Thane to Lonavala and total toll cost will be Rs 0.

How many tolls are in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra toll roads

Toll Plaza Name NH No. Section of Highway
Kasurdi (MoRTH) 9 Pune Solapur Road NH-9 (Km 14.000 to 40.000)
Kawdipath (MoRTH) 9 Pune Solapur Road NH-9 in stretch Km 14/00 to 40/00 (total 26 Km.)
Kharegaon (MoRTH) 3 Km 539.500 (Vadape) to Km 563.000 ( Majiwade-Thane)
Khedshivapur 4 Pune – Satara

When does toll on Mumbai Pune Expressway go up?

Come April 1, 2020, the toll rates for the Mumbai-Pune Expressway will be increased across the board, for all sections of the expressway and all categories of vehicles. The basic fare for the full length of the expressway will go up by Rs 40, from Rs 230 to Rs 270 (for Light Motor Vehicles – sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks).

When did revised toll charges come into effect in Mumbai?

NAVI MUMBAI: Revised toll charges for Mumbai-Pune Expressway have come into effect from April 20. The toll operator revised charges after three years, as per a government gazette.

Which is the first high speed concrete Expressway in India?

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is a 94.5km long, 6-lane concrete motorway which has been open to the public since 2002. It was also one of the first high-speed concrete expressways in the country. The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) has also partnered with Mahindra to make the Mumbai-Pune Expressway a Zero Fatality Corridor.