What boy name goes with John?

What boy name goes with John?

James, Adam, Ben, Peter, Matthew, Mark, Simon, Paul, William. My brother is John Dalton, but more because Dalton is an old family name. How many syllables is your surname? You can get away with a 2 or 3 syllable first name if John is the middle name because its so short and goes with a slightly longer first name.

What is the best Christian boy name?

Top 25 Christian Baby Boy Names

Sr. No. Christian Baby Boy Names Suggested Meaning
1 Adrian Blessed with immense strength
2 Gerard Strong and brave-hearted
3 Nathan A gift from God
4 Zacharias Favoured by God

Is John a good name for a boy?

A derivative of the Hebrew name Yochanan, John means “God is gracious.” A boy name giant for centuries, John has since cooled to sit comfortably in the charts as a sweet spot name – not too popular but not at all obscure. John is an all-around name, aging well and fitting any profession.

What is another name for John?

In other languages

Language Masculine form
English Ian, John, Johnny, Jack, Shawn, Sean, Shaun, Shane, Shani
Estonian Jaan, Juhan, Juho, Janno, Jukk, Jaanus, Johannes, Hannes, Hans
Esperanto Johano
Extremaduran Huan

What does the name John mean for a boy?

It’s a familiar, but very traditional name with biblical origins. The name John is derived from the Hebrew Yohanan, meaning “graced by God.” It is a solid, traditional name that exudes strength, smarts, and kindness. Origin: John is a biblical name, first appearing in its Hebrew form in the Old Testament.

How popular is John as a name?

In modern times, John is the most common name in the United States, borne as a first or middle name by 39.93 people per thousand; of these, 72.86% have it as the first name.

Is Owen another name for John?

Eoin (pronounced [oːnʲ], sometimes spelled Eóin or Eoinn) is an Irish name. In the Irish language, it is the name used for all Biblical figures known as John in English, including John the Baptist and John the Apostle. Eoin/Eòin and Eoghan/Eòghan are derived from different roots.

What is a John slang?

A john is a toilet or bathroom. [US, informal] I’ve got to go to the john.

Are there any boy names in the Bible?

This comprehensive list of biblical baby boy names draws together actual names in Scripture and names derived from biblical words, including the language, origin, and meaning of the name (see also Baby Girl Names ). Aaron (Hebrew) – Exodus. 4:14 – a teacher; lofty; mountain of strength.

Which is the most popular Christian boy name?

Ananias: From the Hebrew name Hananiah, it means ‘Answered by the Lord’. 25. Andrew: Andrew is the name of Jesus Christ’s first disciple. It means ‘A strong man’, and is one of the most popular Christian boy names.

What did the names mean in the Bible?

A name commonly represented a person’s personality or reputation in Bible times. Names were chosen to reflect the child’s character or express the parents’ dreams or wishes for the child.

Which is the most popular name in the Bible?

Aaron means a ‘Teacher’, ‘Lofty’, or a ‘Mountain of strength’. It is one of the most popular Christian names. 2. Abaddon: Abbadon is the name of an angel in the Bible, and it means ‘The Destroyer’. Bible mention: Revelation 9:11 3. Abagtha: Abagtha refers to a general court official, or means the ‘Fortunate one’. 4. Abana: