What caliber is Ladysmith?

What caliber is Ladysmith?

The pistol is chambered with 9mm. The S&W Ladysmith and LadySmith are a series of handguns manufactured by Smith & Wesson starting early in the 20th century. Early models, branded Ladysmith, were .

Why was Ladysmith built where it is?

Set on the banks of the Klip River, and named after Sir Harry Smith’s Spanish wife, Ladysmith was established in 1850 and served as a staging-post for fortune hunters on their way to the gold fields in the then Transvaal, and the diamond diggings at Kimberley.

When was Ladysmith founded?

Ladysmith, town, northwestern KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa, on the Klip River. Founded in 1850 after the British annexed the area, it was named for the wife of Sir Harry Smith (then governor of Cape Colony).

What kind of gun is Smith and Wesson Ladysmith?

Smith & Wesson® designed their LadySmith™ line of firearms specifically for women to use for personal-defense. The 60LS LadySmith™ double-action revolver makes an ideal handgun for concealed carry use—trim enough to easily conceal, with enough firepower to knock down any threat in both urban and wilderness environments.

Is the Ladysmith a good concealed carry weapon?

The streamline, lightweight, no-snag design of the LadySmith, coupled with an internal hammer to eliminate the risk of the hammer getting snagged on pockets, purses, or clothing when drawing the weapon in a self-defense situation makes it ideal for concealed carry use.

What kind of frame does the Ladysmith have?

The LadySmith version of Smith’s model 3913 is referred to as the 3913LS. It has a stainless steel slide with an aluminum alloy frame.

Are there any pistols that are pink in color?

Smith and Wesson M&P 9 Shield 7 / 8 RD 9mm Victoria Pink / Satin Aluminum Sig Sauer P938 Victoria Pink Pistol 9mm Stainless Slide 6 RD Crimson Trac Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Victoria Pink Pistol Stainless Slide 9mm 5″ 21 RD S