What can go wrong with a height sensor?

What can go wrong with a height sensor?

Not recommended. A bad ride height sensor can cause the driver to experience issues with vehicle handling because the active air suspension system is unable to make corrections to compensate for different road conditions and loads, resulting in unpredictable vehicle control.

How does a ride height sensor work?

The ride height sensor sends signals to the ECU, which causes the suspension to react while driving over bumps or due to heavy loads on the vehicle to provide a smoother ride. It is usually fitted to the frame of the automobile or to components of the suspension system.

What does suspension fault mean on a Range Rover?

If the fault becomes active when the suspension is at “normal” height, the suspension is locked, preventing it from raising or lowering with a warning message “Normal Height Only”. If the suspension is lowered when the fault becomes active, it fails to raise and the warning message to not exceed 35 MPH is shown.

What does the suspension level sensor do?

The sensor measures the distance between the road and certain points of the vehicle, then signals the self-leveling module to activate the compressor to adjust suspension settings.

How does an air leveling valve work?

This valve is typically mounted to the vehicle frame and connects to the suspension lower member with a signal link. As the suspension raises and lowers, the valve ‘reads’ the height of the suspension and adds air to or removes air from the air springs.

What is ride height control?

The ECU of the ride height adjusting system can automatically regulate the ride height (maintaining or switching the ride height of the vehicle) to improve the performance of the suspension, according to the different driving states.

Why is my height sensor not working on my Land Rover Discovery?

If you ever disconnected a height sensor without disconnecting the battery you may have calibration issues and it will need a ‘puter of sorts to reset it. If the sensor is playing up, you could swap them over and see if the problem reverses itself.

Why is my discovery 2 air suspension tilted?

Discovery 2 Air Suspension Setup The car was tilted at a slight angle. It was obvious that the rear left suspension was pumped up higher than it should be. From past experience I know this is most likely caused by a faulty height sensor.

How much does a Duff sensor cost on a Land Rover?

Then you can narrow it down to a duff sensor. They’re about £25 each your side, €50 over here in rip-off republic, and are not difficult to change. They aren’t side-specific so swapping them willl be fine.

What should I do before replacing my height sensor?

One important thing to do is disconect the battery before replacing the ride height sensor. This stops the possibility of loosing the settings and the need to get it re-programmed. More sharing options… More sharing options…