What caused Clandon Park fire?

What caused Clandon Park fire?

The fire was found to have been caused by a ‘fault on an electricity distribution board in a cupboard in the basement’, with architects Allies and Morrison winning a contract in 2017 to ‘restore and renovate’ the building alongside conservation architect Purcell.

When did Clandon Park burn down?

April 2015
The grade I-listed Clandon Park, near Guildford in Surrey, caught fire in April 2015. It was one of the country’s finest examples of Palladian architecture having been completed in the early 18th century by Venetian architect Giacomo Leoni.

Who lived in Clandon house?

Onslow family
Clandon Park was one of the country’s most complete examples of a Palladian mansion. Built by a Venetian architect for the Onslow family in the 1720s, the house featured magnificent interiors with original stucco ceilings and marble fireplaces.

When was the clandon house fire?

April 29 2015
Clandon Park, a National Trust-run stately home near Guildford, was devastated in a massive blaze on Wednesday April 29 2015. Classic architecture and important historical artefacts were lost as the roof and floors collapsed into the building.

When was Clandon Park built?

Follow our progress on one of the UK’s biggest heritage projects as we remake a remarkable ruin. The house we see today at Clandon Park was built in the early 1730s to impress and entertain.

Which National Trust house had a fire?

Clandon Park
The fire broke out at our 18th-century mansion Clandon Park, near Guildford, Surrey, on 29 April 2015. Trained staff evacuated all visitors safely and no-one was injured.

Which National Trust house burnt down?

Clandon Park is a modern ruin. In 2015 a huge fire ripped through the Palladian mansion, destroying the upper floors and roof, and gutting the house. But the strong brick walls survived, and today Clandon Park is cloaked in scaffolding, sheltered from the wind and rain.

Which National Trust house burned down?

Clandon Park House
The house was badly damaged by fire in April 2015, probably caused by an electrical fault in the basement, leaving it “essentially a shell”, with only one room, the Speaker’s Parlour, intact….

Clandon Park House
Architectural style(s) Palladian
Owner National Trust
Listed Building – Grade I
Official name Clandon Park

Who owned Clandon Park?

The park was landscaped by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown in 1781, and there are two formal gardens on either side of the house….

Clandon Park House
Architect Giacomo Leoni
Architectural style(s) Palladian
Owner National Trust
Listed Building – Grade I

Did Petworth house have a fire?

The house was largely destroyed in 1989, and there are photos in each room of how they looked just after the fire. At the end of your tour, there is a room with a small exhibition, and a video of about 15 minutes about the restoration.

Did uppark burn down?

In 1989 Uppark burned down. For those who don’t know it, Uppark is a magical late 17th-century mansion building poised on a shelf of the South Downs looking far out over the Solent. It is well worth a visit for anyone interested in conservation.

Who owns uppark house?

National Trust
Uppark is a 17th-century house in South Harting, West Sussex, England. It is a Grade I listed building and a National Trust property….

Architect William Talman Humphry Repton
Architectural style(s) William & Mary
Owner National Trust
Listed Building – Grade I

When did the fire at Clandon Park happen?

Clandon Park is a modern ruin. In 2015 a serious fire ripped through the Palladian mansion, destroying the upper floors and roof, and gutting the building.

Who is the director of Clandon Park Surrey?

It’s been six years since a powerful fire took hold of Clandon Park, Surrey. In this blog, Project Director, Dr Kent Rawlinson, reflects on the fascinating challenges and discoveries we’ve uncovered so far as we care for this extraordinary house.

Who was Director General of National Trust at time of Clandon fire?

‘The fire at Clandon was a terrible blow, with the loss of such a significant historic interior and so much of the important collections it housed,’ said Dame Helen Ghosh, our Director-General. ‘The response of staff, volunteers and the local community showed how much Clandon meant to so many people.

When do they start work on Clandon Park?

The Trust has completed the feasibility study for Clandon Park’s initial masterplan and is developing plans for essential structural works, expected to begin in late 2020, subject to planning consents. This work could include repairs to the brick and stonework to the main external walls, chimney stacks, roof level balustrade and internal walls.