What caused the 2014 Chile earthquake?

What caused the 2014 Chile earthquake?

The Chilean quake was spawned by a straightforward dip of the Nazca plate (ocean crust undergirding the Pacific Ocean off South America’s coast) as it slips eastward under the continent’s crust, according to the USGS. Faults that combine sideways with up-and-down motions are called oblique by seismologists.

How many people died from the Iquique tsunami?

6 dead
The megathrust earthquake triggered a tsunami of up to 2.11 metres (6.9 ft) that hit Iquique at 21:05 local time (00:05 UTC, 2 April)….2014 Iquique earthquake.

Iquique Santiago
UTC time 2014-04-01 23:46:47
Max. intensity VIII (Severe)
Tsunami Yes
Casualties Chile: 6 dead Peru: 9 injured

How many people went missing in the Chile earthquake?

The official death toll , on 8 March, was reported to be 528 persons. Rescue officials have informed that they are not keeping records of people reported to have disappeared especially those linked to the tsunami, even though some have estimated that up to 500 people could be missing ….Factsheet Chile earthquake (08/03/2010)

Europeans injured 1

Was Chile prepared for the earthquake?

Chile survived a big quake with relatively few casualties because it was ready for it. For many years now, local groups around the country have been familiarising themselves with disaster preparedness plans, practising countless earthquake drills and running through evacuation routes time and time again.

How was the Atacama fault formed?

The fault series was formed through a complex series of tectonic regimes dating back to the Early Jurassic, when the Andean back-arc basin separated from the Pacific Ocean. A belt formed through a compressive regime in the early Cretaceous, followed by a compression of the Andean basement in the mid-Cretaceous.

What are the top 5 largest earthquakes?

10 Most Powerful Earthquakes in Earth History

  1. Valdivia Earthquake (1960)– 9.5.
  2. Great Alaska Earthquake (1964)– 9.2.
  3. Sumatra Earthquake (2004)– 9.1.
  4. Tōhoku Earthquake (2011) – 9.1.
  5. Kamchatka, Russia Earthquake (1952) – 9.0.
  6. Maule(Chile) Earthquake (2010)– 8.8.
  7. Ecuador-Colombia Earthquake(1906)– 8.8.

How many people died from the earthquake in Chile 2010?

Even fortified infrastructure didn’t prevent a high death toll in 2010, when a magnitude-8.8 quake in south-central Chile killed more than 500 people, destroyed 220,000 homes and washed away docks, riverfronts and seaside resorts.

How did Chile recover from the 2010 earthquake?

The Chilean army dispatched more than 10,000 troops to the devastated areas around the epicentre to direct recovery operations and keep the peace the day after the quake.

Where was the epicenter of the earthquake in Chile in 2014?

Chile: 6 dead. Peru: 9 injured. The 2014 Iquique earthquake struck off the coast of Chile on 1 April, with a moment magnitude of 8.2, at 20:46 local time (23:46 UTC). The epicenter of the earthquake was approximately 95 kilometres (59 mi) northwest of Iquique.

When did the earthquake and tsunami hit Chile?

Fishermen try to salvage their boats in the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami that hit the northern port of Iquique, Chile, on April 2, 2014.

What was the magnitude of the earthquake in Chile in 1960?

Newsreel describing the Chile earthquake of 1960. The earthquake hit at 3:11 pm approximately 100 miles (160 km) off the coast of Chile, parallel to the city of Valdivia. The shock is generally agreed to have had a magnitude of 9.5, though some studies alternately proposed that it may have been 9.4 or 9.6.

When did the earthquake and tsunami hit Iquique?

Firefighters battle a blaze started after an earthquake and tsunami hit the northern port of Iquique on April 2, 2014. # A cameraman records near cars caught under rubble after an earthquake and tsunami hit Iquique on April 2, 2014.