What channel is Skint on?

What channel is Skint on?

Channel 4
Skint (2013 TV series)

Running time 60 minutes
Production company KEO films
Original network Channel 4

How many episodes of Skint are there?

Skint/Number of episodes

When was Skint on TV?

Skint is a British documentary series that debuted on BBC One in 2005. The series follows the lives of Britain’s poor, unemployed and homeless people as they manage day to day with little money and low job prospects. The show broadcast two series and an additional three specials.

What happened to Dean from Skint?

Dean Bell and family After the show was aired, Dean claimed he never said they were “skint” and in the aftermath, apologised for his role in the show. Dean and his family have since moved to Ulceby and set up his own landscaping and DIY business.

What channel is rich kids poor kids?

Rich Kids Go Skint
Original network 5Star
Picture format High-definition television
Original release 18 April 2018 – 16 December 2019

What channel is rich kids go?

Channel 5
Rich Kids Go Skint – Channel 5.

Where is Skint filmed?

Filmed for more than a year in the East Marsh area of Grimsby, this documentary is the follow-up to the 2013 series set in nearby Scunthorpe.

Where does the term Skint come from?

skint (adj.) “broke, out of money,” 1925, slang variant of skinned, past participle of skin (v.).

Where was Skint filmed?

Dean used to work at the steelworks in Scunthorpe, but now he, his wife and their seven children get by on benefits. On Dean’s estate, the film follows a boy excluded from seven different schools.

Where is Vernon from Skint?

Vernon, 55, is now living on his own in a flat in Dudley. Vernon was shown in the series trying to turn round his fortunes after spending time in prison and psychiatric care.

What channel is rich kids?

Rich Kids, Skint Holiday – Channel 5.

What channel is rich kids go Skint on 2020?

When did the TV series Skint come out?

For the 2005 British documentary series that aired on BBC One, see Skint (2005 TV series). This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Skint is a British documentary series broadcast from 13 May 2013 to 27 April 2015 on Channel 4.

What was the main theme of the TV series Skint?

It followed members of the general public in various locations who are either unemployed or have very little income as they live their daily lives. The series features many issues in episodes including alcoholism, drugs misuse, long term unemployment and legal matters.

Who are the fishermen on the Channel 4 show Skint?

Some of the fishermen who feature on the Channel 4 show, Skint, who insist they are not skint they have too much pride. Pictured are, from left, Kevin Pattrick, Paul Dempster, Shaun Jackson, Karl Melin and John Green, who live in or around The Square, off Weelsby Street, Grimsby (Image: Grimsby Scunthorpe Media Group)

When was the wall demolished in Channel 4 Skint?

Work on the demolition of ‘The Wall’ in Westcliff Precinct made famous by the Channel 4 Skint programme. The Wall featured heavily in Skint and was blamed for some aspects of anti-social behaviour. It was demolished in 2013 following the airing of the show.