What colors are in the 24 set of Faber Castell Polychromos?

What colors are in the 24 set of Faber Castell Polychromos?

Colours included: 101 Ivory, 104 Light Yellow Glaze, 107 Cadmium Yellow, 109 Dark Chrome Yellow, 115 Dark Cadmium Orange, 121 Pale Geranium Lake, 219 Deep Scarlet Red, 225 Dark Red, 133 Magenta, 151 Helioblue-Reddish, 120 Ultramarine, 140 Light Ultramarine, 110 Phthalo Blue, 264 Dark Phthalo Green, 163 Emerald Green.

Are Polychromos pencils worth it?

Thumbs Up Recommendation. I believe these pencils do live up to what people say about them and are worth every penny. A Polychromos 12-pack is roughly $25. Not too bad and it’s a great way to start.

What is the difference between Faber Castell Classic and Polychromos?

The Polychromos have less wax and more pigment. Classic color pencils or map colors are a base level pencil usually used in educational projects or something minor. The Polychromos are pretty much the highest end color pencils you can get. They are aimed toward artists and designers.

How many Faber Castell Polychromos colors are there?

120 Polychromos
Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencil Sets of-of 12, 24, 36, 60, and the full range of 120 Polychromos colored pencils. Perfect as a starter set or as an ideal gift for any dry media artist.

Is Faber-Castell Polychromos good blending?

With regards to blending, again, different colored pencil artist prefer different blending techniques, but the polychromos, true to its versatile reputation, tested well on both methods.

Is Polychromos better than Prismacolor?

For colours, Prismacolor wins out. I find the pigments a lot more intense and varied than the Polychromos. The Polys take longer to get the hang of and need more time spending to achieve the same richness, which some colourists will find challenging.

What is the difference between Polychromos and Prismacolor?

Firstly, Prismacolors are wax-based and are therefore smooth, soft and creamy. Polychromos are oil-based and are a bit harder. They are both great at layering – you can achieve multiple layers with either pencil set, even if your paper is quite smooth.