What do I do if my HDMI port is loose?

What do I do if my HDMI port is loose?

How to Fix a Loose HDMI Port

  1. Turn the HDMI-equipped device around so the back panel faces you. Video of the Day.
  2. Locate the HDMI port. Remove the HDMI cable if present.
  3. Note the small Phillips screw immediately above or below the port. Tighten this screw clockwise, using the Phillips-head screwdriver. Tip.

Can you fix the HDMI port on a PS3?

A broken HDMI port can also be caused by the metal frame bending causing the cable to not make the correct contact with the console. With highly skilled technicians, VideoGame911 is the solution to broken HDMI ports on a PS3 or xBox360 console. VideoGame911 has a 99.9% success rate with damaged HDMI port replacements.

Does PS3 Super Slim have HDMI?

The Super Slim still comes with built-in Wi-Fi, only two USB 2.0 ports (compared to the first two models’ four ports), and ships without an HDMI cable.

Why is my HDMI signal dropping out?

Top tips to fix a HDMI fault: Check there isn’t a loose connection on either the Source or Display end of the HDMI cable. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the HDMI cable at each end. Try changing HDMI channel inputs on your display – there may be an issue with either the EDID or HDCP ‘handshake’.

How much does it cost to fix HDMI on PS3?

4 Answers. The price for this repair varies widely. Sony charges around $150 or more to do this repair while other repair shops charge a lot less. My repair shop charges $89.99 (parts, labor and return shipping) and there are others that are probably in that same price range.

How much does it cost to fix HDMI ports on a TV?

The cost to fix an HDMI port on a TV is $95 to $300. If the circuit board keeps powering on and off, the circuit board that the HDMI port connects to may be damaged. In that case, the cost of replacement, including labor, ranges from $200 to $350.