What do you say to a drunk driver?

What do you say to a drunk driver?

Example: “I just want to let you know that if you’re ever in a situation where you think it’s unsafe to be a driver or a passenger, just text or call me. Seriously. I don’t care what time it is or where you are — I’ll come pick you up or find someone who can. I won’t be mad…but I might make you repay in doughnuts.”

Why do people drink and drive?

Common reasons people drink and drive may include: An alcohol-induced, altered state of mind and perception. A false sense of relaxation and confidence. Inability to judge physical limitations due to alcohol consumption. Embarrassment about being intoxicated and having to ask for a ride home.

Why is drinking and driving bad?

Consequences Of Driving Drunk Impaired driving can cause accidents that lead to paralysis, disfigurement, brain damage, and even death. Impaired driving is also a crime. Drunk drivers often pay significant fines, lose their license, and face higher insurance costs.

What does Dont drink and drive mean?

Filters. To drive a motor vehicle shortly after having consumed an alcohol beverage or beverages. Don’t drink and drive. You might spill your beer.

How do you confront a drunk driver?

Do not engage The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t attempt to communicate with, stop, or otherwise interact with the drunk driver. Keep yourself and any passengers safe before taking steps to alert the police. Call the police Contact the police and tell them that you suspect a driver is drunk.

What can you do for someone who drives drunk?

What you can do if you see an impaired driver

  1. Stay as far away from the other vehicle as possible.
  2. Try to get a good look at the license plate number and any other distinguishing details of the vehicle—the make, model and color, etc.
  3. Call 911.

Why do teens still drink and drive?

Even having a blood alcohol limit below a . 08 BAC (legal limit for adults) puts teens at a much greater risk of having a motor vehicle accident. The reasons behind this are simple. Teens have a perfect storm of inexperience driving, poorer decision making skills, peer pressure, and a low tolerance for alcohol.

Why do more men drink and drive?

The CDC states that this is due to two primary reasons. First, men drive more often than women. Second, men are more likely to participate in risk-taking behaviors in many aspects of their life, including when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle.

What is the effect of drunk driving?

It can interfere with attention, perceptual functioning and motor skills, as well as in decision making while driving. Drinking impairs the ability to drive and increases the risk of causing an accident.

What happens if you drink and drive?

Drinking and driving can have far-reaching, devastating effects for you, your family, and anybody who happens to be near you on the road. Damages could include fines, jail time, and loss of your license.

How do you play don’t drink and drive?

Don’t Drink and Drive First to down their beer and cross the finish line wins! HARD MODE: Everyone has to finish their beer before entering the final lap. *Any drink will do, but proceed with caution — chugging a mixed drink may not be the best idea.

What are some catchy anti drinking and driving slogans?

Drunk driving must be taken seriously in order to stop the dangerous accidents that result in the loss of many innocent people. List of Catchy and Meaningful SLogans on Anti Drinking and Driving. Don’t drink and drive. When you are drunk, you are on a highway to hell.

Which is the best quote about drinking and driving?

“Drinking and driving is a gamble that you just can’t win.” “Don’t drink and drive. It’s one test you can’t afford to fail.” “If you drink don’t drive. Don’t even putt.” – Dean Martin “The problem with drinking and driving is the mourning after.” “You can hand over your keys or your life.

Which is the best hope for reducing drunk driving?

“The changing of attitudes and norms is the best hope for reducing drunk driving over the long run. If more people regarded drunk driving as irresponsible and dangerous, there would be less drunk driving, more informal control mechanisms, and more support for normal encounter measures.” – James B. Jacobs

Is it safer to drive drunk or under the limit?

Make the right choice. The driver is safer when the roads are dry; the roads are safer when the driver is dry. You’re no punk so don’t drive drunk. Don’t drink and drive, and you’ll stay alive. Drinking and driving is a gamble that you just can’t win. Over the Limit.