What do you store scleral lenses in?

What do you store scleral lenses in?

Store unused scleral lenses dry for the long term If you intend to store a pair of scleral lenses for a while and not wear them, the most hygienic way to store them is dry inside a contact lens case.

Can Clear Care damage your contacts?

One-step solutions, including Clear Care, have the neutralizer conveniently located in the case, which means there is no risk of omitting this step and ruining your contact lenses or seriously damaging your eyes.

Is Clear Care good for RGP lenses?

LENS COMPATIBILITY WITH CLEAR CARE ® AND CLEAR CARE ® PLUS Both solutions are great for soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses.

Can you use regular contact solution in a Clear Care case?

So, what gives? The interesting twist is that Clear Care comes with a little contact lens case, which you are told to use with the solution. The directions say NOT to use the solution in a regular “flat” contact lens case.

How do you take care of scleral contact lenses?

Clean: Place several drops of cleaner (‘i-Clean’ cleaner or equivalent) onto the lens and rub gently for 30 seconds on each side. Rinse: Rinse all the cleaner away using saline with preservatives. Store: Carefully, completely dry off any excess moisture using a lint free tissue and store in the clean dry case provided.

How do I stop my scleral lens from fogging up?

Foggy due to white blood cells and debris A study from 2019 found that fogging symptoms are more common with thicker tear volumes underneath scleral contact lenses. Removing the scleral lens and then reapplying it with fresh non-preserved saline solves the problem, although only temporarily.

Is Clear Care Safe?

The problem was discovered when the woman called her ophthalmologist, who pointed out that Clear Care is 3% hydrogen peroxide, which can cause severe burning if used directly in the eyes or as a soaking agent in typical contact lens cases.

Is Clear Care the best contact solution?

CLEAR CARE ® is the #1 doctor recommended hydrogen peroxide solution. Our exclusive Triple Action Cleaning formula and special case (with a platinum disc) provide patients with even the most sensitive eyes a pristine clean.

How do you remove protein deposits from gas permeable contacts?

In some cases, your eye care professional may also recommend adding an enzymatic cleaner to your regular lens care regimen to help remove protein deposits. When recommended, enzyme cleaning typically is performed weekly. You also may choose to use a rewetting solution as you wear your lenses.

Can you use soft contact lens solution for gas permeable lenses?

Rigid gas-permeable or hard contact lenses require different care systems than soft contacts. They usually need various solutions for wetting, cleaning, and disinfecting. Do not use solutions meant for rigid gas permeable lenses on soft contact lenses.

Can you use regular contact solution in a hydrogen peroxide case?

Never share solution that contains hydrogen peroxide. Other people might confuse your solution with multipurpose solution and not follow instructions. This could result in damage to their eyes. Always use the special contact lens case that comes with each new bottle of solution.

What is the best cleaner for scleral lenses?

Scleral lenses can be cleaned with a hydrogen peroxide based solution such as Clear Care® or with disinfection solutions for gas permeable lenses.

What do you need to know about scleral lenses?

This is especially true of patients who have never previously worn any type of contact lenses. Scleral lenses are inserted much differently than conventional soft contact lenses or corneal gas permeable lenses. Fig. 1. Fill the lens excessively with non-preserved saline.

How often should you clean your scleral lens storage case?

Most things you use in life need to be cleaned on a regular basis, and your scleral lenses storage case is no exception. Overuse of a case can result in significant eye infections due to bacterial contamination. Our technician, Randy, advises you to clean your storage case every day—and replace it each and every month.

How to use clear care to clean scleral keratoconus contact lenses?

Remove and place each contact lens into the appropriately marked L/R domed lens holder. Rinse with CLEAR CARE ® Solution for 5 seconds. Fill the lens case to fill line with CLEAR CARE ® Solution and place the lens holder in the case.

How long can you wear scleral contact lenses?

Randy’s guidance has been refined by all of the latest research (including a study completed at Optique) and over 12 years of experience, back to when scleral lenses were first developed. Most people can comfortably wear scleral contact lenses for 12 to 14 hours. But there comes a time when you should remove them.