What does Cartman say to Kyle?

What does Cartman say to Kyle?

At the end “It’s a Jersey Thing”, Cartman pinches Kyle’s cheek affectionately, saying “You’re a monster, but you’re my little monster” albeit teasingly, but seemingly affectionate nonetheless.

What was Eric Cartman chanting?

When Cartman leads the townspeople in the march, they chant in German the following phrases: “Es ist Zeit für Säuberung”, “Es ist Zeit für Rache”, and “Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten.” Translated into English, these mean “It is time for cleansing”, “It is time for revenge”, and “We must exterminate the Jews” …

What episode does Kyle fight Cartman?

It’s Christmas in Canada
“It’s Christmas in Canada” (sometimes called “Christmas in Canada?” or simply “Christmas in Canada”) is the fifteenth and final episode of the seventh season of the American animated series South Park and the 111th episode of the series.

Does Eric Cartman have a speech impediment?

It’s almost as though he has some kind of speech impediment but sometimes he just seems to mispronounce words to annoy his friends. Cartman also has a strange accent that cannot be placed and sounds completely different to his other South Park friends.

Does Cartman actually hate Kyle?

These kind moments also help prove that Cartman’s usual hurtful comments are not the literal truth. As much as Cartman can rip on Kyle and say that he wants him to die; at the end of the day, he chose to save Kyle in Smug Alert. That indirectly proves that he doesn’t hate Kyle as much as he claims he does.

What does Cartman say in French?

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, Clyde
After comparing Clyde Donovan to the French, Cartman says to him “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, Clyde?” This translates into English as, “Would you sleep with me, Clyde?” and is taken from the Patti Labelle song, “Lady Marmalade”.

Is Cartman German?

Thus, Cartman was born. Contrary to popular belief that Cartman’s name was derived from German war-pilot Erich Hartmann (which would reflect his love of Hitler and the Nazis), Cartman’s name and personality are based on Matt Karpman, a friend of Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

Does Cartman ever win a fight?

David Nelson, comes to South Park Elementary to give an anti-bullying lecture, Cartman makes fun of him relentlessly. It’s probably one of the only fist fights Cartman has ever won.

What episode is city Airlines South Park?

City Airlines is a company run by entrepreneur Tuong Lu Kim. Lu Kim runs the City Airlines inside the City Wok restaurant. It was featured in the Season Seven episode, “It’s Christmas in Canada”.

Why does Eric Cartman sound different?

Although he had originally voiced Cartman without any computer manipulation, Parker now does so by speaking within his normal vocal range with a childlike inflection. The recorded audio is then edited with Pro Tools, and the pitch is altered to make the voice sound like that of a fourth grader.

Does Cartman have a lisp?

Cartman has a slight lisp and tends to jumble letters together. Instead of saying, “Cool!” and pronouncing all the letters in the word, Cartman says, “Ku!” He also tends to speak from behind his teeth. For example, when saying the word “tomorrow,” he pronounces it, “Tuh-muh-ruh.”

What did Eric Cartman say about selling out is sweet?

“Selling out is sweet.” Stan and Kyle are always learning moral lessons from their adventures in the show, but Cartman never learns. He’s not the lesson-learning type. He’s more of the delusional, closed-minded bigot type. He’s never the one who says, “You know, I learned something today,” or tells the audience the moral of the story.

Why was Eric Cartman so popular in South Park?

It’s fair to say that Eric Cartman is the reason that South Park has lasted so long. He’s now got some rivalry for the funniest character on the show as he faces competition from Randy and Butters, but in the very earliest days of the series, it was Cartman who brought the show its popularity.

What did Eric Cartman say about being HIV positive?

“I’m not just sure, I’m HIV positive.” This quote is both wildly inappropriate and very, very funny. In fact, so is the episode “Tonsil Trouble” as a whole, as Cartman is accidentally infected with HIV and then gives it to Kyle when Kyle laughs at him.

What did Eric Cartman say about Ferris Bueller?

To cheer Butters up, Cartman quotes Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast, Butters. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it.”