What does Cheryl give you in Platinum?

What does Cheryl give you in Platinum?

Soothe Bell
When traveling with the player, she also heals his/her Pokémon completely after each battle. In Platinum, she will also give the player a Soothe Bell at the end of the Eterna Forest.

Who is Barry’s dad Pokemon?

His father is Palmer, one of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier’s five Frontier Brains. Barry wants to be like him, which is the reason he is so determined and trains hard. Barry is actually very much like his father characteristic-wise.

Can you catch all Diamond and Pearl Pokemon in Platinum?

The thing that will probably make all Diamond and Pearl players jealous is the fact that, not only can you catch the awesome Ghost/Dragon pokemon Giratina, but you can still get the featured pokemon from Diamond and Pearl. Naturally, that’s Dialga and Palkia, who are both catchable in Platinum.

What Pokémon does Cheryl give you?

She will automatically join you for your journey through the forest, since she feels she can’t get through it by herself. Thankfully, she’s equipped with a Chansey, and what’s even better is that she and her Chansey will keep the party fully healed. This means after each battle, everyone’s status will be at 100%!

What gift Pokémon can you get in Pokemon Platinum?

Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

  • Turtwig (Starter Pokémon)
  • Chimchar (Starter Pokémon)
  • Piplup (Starter Pokémon)
  • Togepi Egg.
  • Eevee.
  • Happiny Egg.
  • Porygon.
  • Riolu Egg.

Is volkner Barry’s dad?

Nope. Barry’s dad is actually the head of the Battle Tower – the Tower Tycoon.

What Pokemon Cannot be caught in platinum?

Missing Pokémon

198 Murkrow Dark
200 Misdreavus Ghost
328 Trapinch Ground
329 Vibrava Ground
330 Flygon Ground

Does Dawn have a crush on Ash?

Dawn. Dawn has never openly shown it, perhaps because she actually did not realize it. However, according to several sources (but also judging from some of her behaviours), she seems to have had a crush on Ash, or at least a special admiration for him.

Why did Dawn’s Piplup not evolve?

Piplup main reason for not wanting to evolve is because the day he and Dawn meet was the day they chose each other to be their partners as he wanted to stay her Piplup forever. In order to stop his evolution, Piplup transferred the energy of evolution powering up his attack Bide.

What do the Trainer cards do in Pokemon Diamond?

Trainer Cards, a staple of Pokémon. These cards show your Trainer ID, Badges and Pokédex Completion. However in DP there are a couple of changes and additions. Firstly there is a Point System which scores your battling abilities Generally as you go through the game.

What are the names of all the Pokemon in Diamond?

The only Pokémon that Diamond has ever been seen to catch on-screen is Kit; Lax, Tru, Don, and Moo were given to him, and Reg and Rotom chose Diamond as their Trainer. Diamond’s Moo is the first Pokémon introduced in any media that has a Hidden Ability , though it is not the first Pokémon confirmed to have one .

Where do you get penultimate card in Pokemon Pearl?

The penultimate card that you obtain is obtained via the Completion of the National Dex. What this requires you to do is get 482 Pokémon registered as owned in your Pokédex.

What kind of character is diamond in Bulbapedia?

Diamond is often apathetic and rarely not seen eating – even in dire situations, as was the case when he had a feast with his Pokémon while aboard a Team Galactic airship that was headed straight to their HQ. He shares these traits with his Pokémon, especially so with his Munchlax.