What does Cluelessly mean?

What does Cluelessly mean?

1 : having or providing no clue a clueless case for the police to solve. 2 : completely or hopelessly bewildered, unaware, ignorant, or foolish clueless about what they want. Other Words from clueless Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About clueless.

Is there such a word as cluelessly?

In a clueless manner.

What do you call a clueless person?

What is another word for clueless?

naive simple
ignorant incognizant
innocent insensible
unacquainted uninformed
dozy dull

Is Clueless an insult?

If you describe someone as clueless, you are showing your disapproval of the fact that they do not know anything about a particular subject or that they are incapable of doing a particular thing properly.

What do unmindful mean?

: not conscientiously aware, attentive, or heedful : inattentive, careless went shirtless, unmindful of the sun’s punishing rays.

Is calling someone clueless an insult?

How do you describe someone being clueless?

Spaced out, stoned, unaware, oblivious, unconscious, drugged, narcotized.

What do you call someone who is oblivious?

disregardful. Inconsiderate, thoughtless, heedless regardless.

Are there any antonyms for the word clueless?

Antonyms for clueless. acquainted, aware, cognizant, conscious, conversant, grounded, informed, knowing,

What is another word for ” hopelessly in love “?

Synonyms for hopelessly in love include infatuated, besotted, beguiled, captivated, enamored, smitten, bewitched, fascinated, inflamed and obsessed. Find more similar

Are there any other synonyms for the word love?

other words for love. affection. appreciation. devotion. emotion. fondness. friendship. infatuation. lust.

Where did the clueless jokes come from in Clueless?

Well-meaning Jake fights hard, but cluelessly, to support Sam, wanting everything to return to normal. The source of most jokes came from Claypole and Davenport being cluelessly inept at perform ing any relatively simple task, largely due to the fact that they had popped off long before most modern technology existed.