What does CON29 search reveal?

What does CON29 search reveal?

The CON29R form comprises a set of standard enquiries compiled by the Law Society which allows the potential purchaser to find out specific information relating to the property. The search includes matters such as road schemes, the property planning history, building regulations and conservation areas.

What are the CON29 Enquiries?

CON29 Enquiries of local authorities (2016) The CON29 form is used to request information held by a local authority about a property. The local authority may provide information that could affect future use or development of the property, or impose financial burdens.

What does the local authority search contain?

A local authority search is one of the key searches that conveyancers should undertake on a property. It consists of information on behalf of the local council regarding the property, the local area and any future planned developments.

What are Conveyancer searches?

Conveyancing searches are a standard set of questions submitted to the relevant authority by your conveyancer or solicitor to find out important information about the property. These will then highlight any issues to do with the area and local authority that could cause disruption or damage to the property.

What does a property search reveal?

These searches will include information held by your local authority on a variety of matters such as planning applications and road information; environmental search company data on issues such as ground movement, contaminated land and flooding; water company information about mains supplies, pipe work and drains.

What does a local search tell you?

A Local Search provides information in relation to the roadways serving the property, whether there are any planning permission and applications (where they have been granted, issued or refused) and a vast amount of other information.

What is a CON29 form?

CON29 is a set of standard enquires which are usually made when buying a property. It is one of two types of “local authority search”, the other being a local land charges search. We offer a CON29 search service, or you can perform a search yourself, in person.

What is an environmental search?

Local Authorities are required to inspect and identify contaminated sites and issue notices requiring the contamination to be remedied. This allows them to ascertain whether any past use is likely to have led to contamination. …

What does a local search include?

What do house searches consist of?

They typically include aspects such as whether planning permission may be granted for a future development that would negatively impact your property, the quality of the ground on which your house is built, or details of common drains and access rights.

Are conveyancing searches necessary?

In summary, no conveyancing searches are not always necessary. If you are a cash buyer and you know the area very well, you may decide to proceed without searches.

What happens when solicitors do searches?

‘Searches’ or ‘property searches’ are completed by your solicitor. They work with the local authority (and other organisations) as part of the home buying process. They use these to find out any information about the property. As well as any local development plans that may affect the home you plan to purchase.

How long has the CON29 form been in use?

The CON29 form has been in use for over 50 years and was created to complement the LLC Register search. The form contains a standard set of enquiries agreed by central government, the Law Society and local authorities.

Is the CON29 form backed by La insurance?

However the LA completed CON29 is backed by LA insurance and is commonly referred to as an official CON29. Completion of the CON29 form by the LA is not a statutory function but a contractual one upon payment of the required fee. Function of the LLC Service.

Can you use con29m on a property in Scotland?

If the property is located in Scotland you will still be able to order the CON29M product (for either Residential or Commercial transactions) and the Groundsure team will generate the appropriate version for Scottish transactions.