What does grief bacon mean?

What does grief bacon mean?

Comfort eating is a staple of the human experience, and the Germans (of course) have the perfect word to describe the excess fat you gain from emotional overeating: Kummerspeck. Kummerspeck is a compound noun composed of Kummer (grief), and Speck (bacon, or lard), so translates literally as ‘grief bacon’.

What does grief bacon mean in German?

Kummerspeck literally means “grief bacon,” and refers to the extra weight you might put on after a bout of emotional eating.

What does sorrow fat mean?

In Germany, it’s all about “kummerspeck.” While there’s no direct German-to-English translation, the word roughly translates to “grief bacon” or “sorrow fat.” This fascinating term refers to the emotional eating — and probable weight gain — after a pain-inducing event, like a breakup, or a particularly difficult year …

Who is Kummerspeck?

Kummerspeck is the name for excess fat gained by emotional eating – specifically, the excessive eating people do in times of stress or sorrow.

What is the German word for curse?

Single-Word Swears

German English equivalent Literal meaning
Schlampe b*tch wh*re
Fotze cnt/motherfcker
Miststück btch/bstard rascal
verdammt godd*mmit

What does Saumensch mean?

I understand that saumensch = female pig and saukerl = male pig.

How do you use weltschmerz in a sentence?

Examples: Carson found himself plunging into a state of Weltschmerz as he grew older and discovered that the world was much more complicated than he had envisioned as a youth.

How do you deal with weltschmerz?

Coping with Weltschmerz

  1. Exercise helps. I try to exercise everyday — try, being the operative word here for we writers are a sedentary lot.
  2. Fiction helps.
  3. Food Helps.
  4. Fun helps.
  5. Music Helps Me Most of All.
  6. dosmetrosdos.
  7. A Few Final Thoughts.