What does HDO stand for in plywood?

What does HDO stand for in plywood?

High Density Overlay (HDO) plywood is manufactured with a thermosetting resin- impregnated fiber surface bonded to both sides under heat and pressure. It’s the more rugged of the overlaid panels and ideal for such punishing applications as concrete forming and industrial tanks.

What is the difference between MDO and HDO plywood?

Both MDO and HDO are hardwood plywoods with a resin soaked fiber overlays between the veneer layers and on both surfaces. The only differences between the two products are that the density of the exterior fiber layer on the HDO is considerably higher than for MDO and it is manufactured with higher resin content.

What is HDO wood?

How much does HDO plywood cost?

HDO 1S 100/30 CLASSIC 3/4″

Size: 4×8
Description: HDO 1S 100/30 CLASSIC 3/4″
Price: $107.06/PC

What is HDO and MDO?

High and Medium Density Overlay plywood (HDO and MDO) combine the toughness of exterior-type plywood with the superior wear of an overlaid surface. This makes HDO and MDO among the most durable construction materials on the market today. HDO and MDO feature highly durable, resin-impregnated fiber faces.

How do you paint HDO plywood?

MDO plywood signs should be painted with a primer such as Ronan Block Out White, and then with two coats of 1-Shot enamel. Lightly sand between coats of paint using a 230-sand paper to ensure good intercoat adhesion. Thinning the enamel will help it flow out.

Can you paint HDO plywood?

Things You’ll Need MDO, or medium density overlay, is an engineered plywood with a resin-treated fiber applied to both faces, giving it a smooth finish that is easy to paint.

What does HDO plywood weigh?

In it, they state that softwood plywood should weigh approximately 3 pounds per square foot, per inch of thickness….Softwood plywood weight chart.

Plywood Type: Weight per Sheet Percentage (compared to Softwood)
MDF 66.7 lbs 164%
MDO 37.5 lbs 92%
OSB 47 lbs 116%
ApplePly 35 lbs 86%

What does MDO mean?


Acronym Definition
MDO Mentally Disordered Offender
MDO Multiple Drug Overdose
MDO Medical Doctor’s Office
MDO Machine Direction Orientation (polyetheylene sheeting)

What is MDO used for?

MDO is an attractive looking plywood, which is one reason why it is great for external siding. It also has insulating properties, which can provide a home with temperature control and cut down on energy bills. Additionally, you can also use it for fascias, chimney enclosures, garage door panels, fences, and more.

What do you paint MDO with?

How big of a panel do I need for radius bending plywood?

Panel Size: 4′ x 8′ Long grain or 8′ x 4′ Cross grain. Minimum radius: 12″ May be able to flex smaller, but will require significant force. All component parts should be manually “flexed” to achieve maximum flexibility.

What’s the difference between HDO and MDO plywood?

MDO plywood costs about half the cost of marine plywood, or about twice the cost of softwood plywood; HDO is slightly higher.

What’s the standard size of US lumber plywood?

Standard sizes are 8’x4′, 5′; 10’x4′, 5′; 12’x4′, 5′. A special FinnForm panel is available for re-plying metal framed forms. This is FinnForm Reply, manufactured in full 1/2″ thickness, 4’x8′ size (face grain runs the length direction). The durability of FinnForm plywood out performs HDO and lasts longer.

What kind of plywood is flexible and bendable?

Add a new dimension to your wood projects with Columbia Radius Bending Plywood. This amazingly flexible board will shape to almost any curved contour. Its ability to flex in long-grain or cross-grain directions makes it a versatile panel for complex designs.