What does its above board mean?

What does its above board mean?

If something is aboveboard, it’s done in a completely honest, straightforward way. When a company’s business dealings are aboveboard, they act in an honorable, open manner.

How do you use above board in a sentence?

Everything may have been perfectly honourable and above board. It would have been better if they had been honest and above board about it. That was all clear, open and above board, and no amendment was necessary. The system must be seen to be fair and above board.

What are over boards?

1 : over the side of a ship or boat into the water. 2 : to extremes of enthusiasm. 3 : into discard : aside.

What does above board means in law?

phrase. An arrangement or deal that is above board is legal and is being carried out honestly and openly.

What’s the opposite of above board?

antonyms for above-board corrupt. devious. false. partial. prejudiced.

How do you use above par in a sentence?

: better than normal or expected : very good The performance was above par.

Is above board hyphenated?

The word above board began as a gaming term in the early 1600s. While the Oxford English Dictionary lists the spelling of above board as two separate words, but this open compound word is increasingly found as a hyphenated compound word as in above-board, or a closed compound word as in aboveboard.

Is Disload a word?

Disload is a verb. See the conjugation of the verb disload in English.

What’s another word for overboard?

What is another word for overboard?

exorbitant excessive
immoderate extravagant
inordinate extreme
steep undue
unconscionable stiff

Is above par good?

Where did the phrase above board come from?

“Above board” first appeared in print, as far as is known, in the late 16th century, and the phrase originated in the world of gambling, in particular card games. To play “above board” was to keep your cards above the level of the playing table (as opposed to down in your lap) so as to avoid any suspicion of cheating.

Where does the saying above board come from?

What does doing something “above board” mean?

Doing something that is considered “above board” means to be very transparent in how you go about managing a given task or performing a certain action. In this setting, there are no efforts to hide anything that is done along the way, and no attempts to create a false impression regarding the complexity or the nature of the activity.

What does “above board” mean?

Definition of ‘above board’. above board. An arrangement or deal that is above board is legal and is being carried out honestly and openly.

What is another word for above board?

Another word for above-board. Another word for above-board word list. Below are a number of words whose meaning is similar to above-board. candidly. fairly. frankly. in open sight. ingenuously.

What is the origin of above board?

The term “above board” is believed to have originated from how pirates attacked opposing ships. Business executives seek to be “above board” in transactions with transparency in contacts and agreements.