What does Lady Stetson smell like?

What does Lady Stetson smell like?

Lady Stetson was launched in 1986 as an elegant feminine floral fragrance. It contains notes of aldehydes, peach, tangerine, rose, ylang-ylang, carnation, jasmine, sandalwood, amber and oak moss.

What does Lady Million perfume smell like?

Presented in a golden diamond shaped bottle, the Lady Million fragrance is vibrant and sensual. It has fresh top notes of bitter orange, fleshy raspberry and neroli, followed by Floral notes of orange blossom and Arabian jasmine and base notes of patchouli, honey and amber.

Is Paco Rabanne Lady Million nice?

Lady Million has turned out to be a nice scent added to my collection. It’s sweet but has a very different undertone to it that’s a bit enticing. Definitely a keeper!

Is Stetson Cologne discontinued?

This great cologne has been discontinued.

What does Aqua Velva smell like?

What it smells like: Aqua Velva leaves a nice, clean, masculine smell that’s heavy on the menthol, but also includes hints of vanilla, lavender, and oakmoss. The smell is initially potent, but fades to a pleasant manly oakmoss smell very quickly. This was my second favorite scent out of all that I tried.

What does Paco Rabanne million smell like?

One Million Eau de Toilette is a fresh and spicy fragrance for men with notes of amber, leather, and tangerine. It defies all the rules and upsets the codes while adding a touch of irresistible seduction. Disquieting aromas to suit a man with insolent charm.

Is Paco Rabanne Lady Million long lasting?

Long-lasting fragrance. Good for mature-fragrance lovers. Good for evening wear.

What cologne is similar to Stetson Sierra?

Similar Scents to Stetson Sierra

  • Polo Crest.
  • Horizon.
  • Sung.
  • Red.
  • Aramis Devin.

What does Stetson Original cologne smell like?

Stetson Cologne* spray is a rich and masculine scent of woodsy and rugged spices. The fragrance boasts top notes of clary sage, lavender, bergamot, and citrus, which keeps the cologne smelling clean and simple.

What is the most popular Old Spice scent?

Old Spice Original High Endurance Stick
1. Old Spice Original High Endurance Stick – Best Old Spice Scent. It has the most basic & original scent by Old Spice. According to many people, this is the most amazing scent Old Spice has ever made.

Is Aqua Velva good?