What does Lana say to Archer?

What does Lana say to Archer?

Y — yuuup. Along with nooope, it’s Lana’s catchphrase (though others have borrowed it). Z — Zone, Danger. Probably the show’s most popular recurring joke, it’s an homage to Kenny Loggins and the zone in which Archer lives.

Did you see Regis this morning meaning?

Trivia. The name is likely a reference to the film Terms of Endearment. The ending line “Did you see Regis this morning?” is a reference to an episode of Magnum P.I. in which the main character asks a Russian POW camp commandant “Did you see the sunrise this morning?”, before shooting him in the same style as Archer.

What does Malory Archer say in Italian?

Trivia. Title Explained: “Lo Scandalo” is Italian for “The Scandal.” When Malory asks Archer “What year do you think this is?”, he replies “I uh, yeah, exactly, good question”. This is a fourth-wall joke referencing to the fact the time period the show is set in is left intentionally ambiguous.

What does Krieger girlfriend say?

Krieger’s virtual girlfriend says, “dattara Iinoni,” which translates as a forlorn wish of “If only it was like that.” Krieger retorts under his breath “keep it up” – this is an ongoing argument implying Krieger is not sleeping with his girlfriend because he can’t perform.

Which Archer season is best?

Archer: Every Season of the FXX Series, Ranked According To Rotten Tomatoes

  • 3) Season 7 – 100 Percent Critic Score/90 Percent Audience Score.
  • 2) Archer: Vice (Season 5) – 100 Percent Critic Score/90 Audience Score.
  • 1) Season 2 – 100 Percent Critic Score/96 Audience Score.

Why did Archer go on a rampage in terms of en-rampagement?

The cause of the rampage is due to Dr. Krieger pointing out that the cancer pills he was buying from the pharmacy were merely sugar pills and his IV therapy fluids were merely Zima. Archer begins his investigation to find the “douchebag in charge” at the pharmacy and ends with him killing the leader of the Irish Mob.

Where does terms of en rampagement take place?

Terms of En-Rampagement is a “working title” for the film depicting Archer ‘s “rampage” during the ” Placebo Effect” episode. The film was largely shot by Lana Kane. The rampage took place as Archer investigated, interrogated, and murdered his way through the ranks of the Irish Mob.

What does it mean to be an archer?

Archers have their own meanings for words and terms like “punch” and “back tension,” which might be used to describe a violent act and sore back in the non-archery world. They mean something different in archery. Learning to speak archery’s language not only helps you communicate with other archers, it also helps you learn archery faster.

What kind of Medicine does rampage Archer take?

Rampage Archer is on a chemo-medicine and medical marijuana infused one, in revenge for all the cancer patients who were sold phoney medicines – and for his friend Ruth, who died. Classic Him The car smelling of weed and rampage is classic Archer, according to Lana.