What does Supercheap Auto sell?

What does Supercheap Auto sell?

Supercheap Auto is a thriving specialty retail business, specialising in automotive parts and accessories. We also stock a wide range of tools and accessories for the DIY home handyman as well as products for travel, touring, outdoors, garage and the shed. As the inaugural Super Retail Group brand established – more…

Who owns Supercheap Auto?

Super Retail Group
Supercheap Auto/Parent organizations

Does supercheap do Afterpay?

Yes! Supercheap Auto now accepts In Store payment from Afterpay. Afterpay can be used for purchasing products In Store and can be redeemed during the normal payment transaction process at the checkout.

Who owns Repco auto parts?

Exego Group
Melbourne-based Exego Group owns the Repco brand which was founded in 1922. It also owns three other automotive businesses – Ashdown Ingram, McLeod Accessories and Motospecs – has more than 430 stores across Australia and employs more than 3800 people.

Why has supercheap left Bathurst?

“We had hoped to continue supporting the iconic Bathurst 1000 event for many more years, but were not in a position to counter big-money offers without a flow on price impact for our loyal Supercheap Auto customers,“ Supercheap managing director Benjamin Ward told News Limited.

What does Super Retail Group own?

Today, Super Retail Group has grown to one of Australasia’s largest retailers, housing iconic brands including BCF Boating Camping Fishing, Macpac, Rebel and Supercheap Auto, with an annualised turnover in excess of $2.5 billion.

What excites you most about working for Supercheap Auto?

Why work for Supercheap Auto? We are passionate about our people, our products and our performance. At Supercheap Auto we value our entire team; we recognise that it is their passion and dedication that has continued to drive our award winning culture. Market-leading team member discounts across multiple brands.

Are BCF and Supercheap owned by the same company?

Super Retail Group Limited (ASX: SUL) is an Australian-based company which owns and operates a portfolio of retail brands across Australia. The brands include automotive retailer Supercheap Auto, outdoor and leisure retailers Macpac and BCF and sporting retailer Rebel Sport.

How much do you have to spend at supercheap to use Afterpay?

To Use AfterPay all you need is: Transactions must be between $100 and $1500.

Which is the best Auto Store in Mackay?

Supercheap Auto Mackay is a leading Australian retailer of auto parts, spares and accessories, stocking an extensive range of batteries, engine oil, tool boxes, air compressors, roof racks, seat covers and more. Visit your nearest Supercheap Auto store for all your automotive needs.

Where are the Supercheap Auto branches in Australia?

Supercheap Auto’s branch offices can be found in several cities and in addition to Mackay QLD, they are located in Brisbane QLD, Sydney NSW, Adelaide SA, Melbourne VIC, Perth WA too.

When do new Supercheap Auto catalogues come out?

In Mackay QLD, Supercheap Auto has prepared new specials for this week too. Thanks to Supercheap Auto’s varied product range and its great prices and coupons, you can buy everything you need here. A new Supercheap Auto catalogue can already be found here today here and the special offers are valid starting on 02/08/2021.

Which is the best car parts store in Australia?

Supercheap Auto is one of Australasia’s leading retailers of automotive spare parts, hand tools, power tools, car care, electrical, outdoor products, and more. Supercheap Auto business comprises over 10,000 different items available in each store.