What does the 2 2 mean on a Pontiac?

What does the 2 2 mean on a Pontiac?

Perceiving a niche for a lower-priced sporty version of its big B-body, Pontiac added the “2+2” option package for the mid-range Catalina coupe and convertible for 1964. The $291 package essentially added bucket seats, special trim, and heavy-duty suspension.

How much is a 1967 Grand Prix worth?

Data based on 40 auction sales. note: The images shown are representations of the 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix and not necessarily vehicles that have been bought or sold at auction….Pontiac Models.

Bodystyles Median Sale
Convertible $21,000
HardTop Coupe $16,750

What does Monza 2 2 mean?

The Monza 2+2 debuted as a single-model 2+2 hatchback. The Monza is 4 inches (100 mm) longer and weighs 180 lb (82 kg) more than the Vega from which it is derived. General Motors’ John DeLorean nicknamed it the “Italian Vega”, citing styling with a strong resemblance to the Ferrari 365 GTC/4.

How long is a 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix?

215.6 inches
Based on the Catalina body the Grand Prix rode on the same 121-inch wheelbase as the hardrop coupe, enabling an overall length of 215.6 inches.

What is a 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix worth?

Average Price of 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix Trims

Trim Average Price
1964 Pontiac Grand Prix Base (1981-1989, 2005-2008) $5,587
1964 Pontiac Grand Prix GT (1991-1993, 1995-2003, 2005-2007) $4,846
1964 Pontiac Grand Prix GT2 (2004) $4,612
1964 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP (1995-2005) $6,111

What years did Pontiac make a Grand Prix convertible?

Only once, however, in its 40 years has the Grand Prix been offered in a convertible format. Pontiac built versions of a Grand Prix convertible concept car, the X-400, from 1962 through 1964, but 1967 was the only year of a regular production Grand Prix convertible.

What does a Mustang 2 2 mean?

2+2 traditionally refers to a car with 2 front seats + 2 “sorta” back seats. The early Mustang fastbacks are designated as such because of the fold-down back seat, as opposed to the coupe’s fixed back seat.

What kind of engine did a 1967 Grand Prix have?

1967 Pontiac Grand Prix Nut and Bolt Restoration – 400 ci 8 cylinder engine Tri-Power Carburetor Ame Our Las Vegas showroom presents this gorgeous 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix.

What kind of car was the 1967 Pontiac 2 + 2?

A prime example is the GTO’s big brother, the 1967 Catalina-based 2+2. It traces its beginnings to a bucket seat/ console/trim option offered on the 1964 Catalina. A renewed fullsize line debuted for 1965 and the 2+2 became a full-fledged high-performance car.

When did the Pontiac Grand Prix 2 + 2 come out?

The name 2+2 reappeared briefly in 1986 on the Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 G-body “aerobody” coupe, of which 1,225 were built. The designation 2+2 was borrowed from European sports car terminology, for a seating arrangement of two in front plus two in the rear.

What was the price of a 1967 Pontiac Catalina?

The 2+2 Sport Option cost $420.22 on the restyled 1967 Catalina and included exclusive “depressed louvers” on the front fenders, deluxe wheel discs and steering wheel, Strato bucket seats, 2+2 emblems (front, side, and rear), and additional exterior bright trim.