What does the baby face Blaster do?

What does the baby face Blaster do?

It is a short, slightly modified lever-action shotgun with a wooden handle and single barrel. The Baby Face’s Blaster only has a clip of four, instead of six compared with the Scattergun, and will slow the Scout down from 400 units/second (133% movement speed), to 360 units/second (120% movement speed).

How much damage does the sun on a stick do?

The Sun-on-a-Stick was added to the game. It does +35% more damage than the stock Bat, but -45% damage on top of that (for a total of -25.75% damage) to non-burning players.

How do I get Flying Guillotine?

The Flying Guillotine was awarded in Genuine quality to players who pre-ordered Sleeping Dogs on Steam before August 17, 2012. The Flying Guillotine was later contributed to the Steam Workshop, at Valve’s request.

What does the winger do tf2?

The Winger is a community-created secondary weapon for the Scout. This weapon deals 15% more damage than the default Pistol, but only loads 5 rounds at a time. This makes the Winger superior at finishing off injured targets at close range, but not for prolonged combat.

Is the sun on a stick good TF2?

The Sun-on-a-Stick is a promotional melee weapon for the Scout. This weapon has a 100% critical hit chance against burning players, making it extremely effective when coupled with a Pyro.

Is the Flying Guillotine real?

The flying guillotine is a legendary Chinese ranged weapon used during the reign of the Yongzheng Emperor in the Qing Dynasty.

Is the Flying Guillotine good?

Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator, reports that 90% of 20 surveyed critics gave the film a positive review; the average rating was 6.9/10. Metacritic rated the film 57/100 based on eleven reviews. Elvis Mitchell of The New York Times called it “near-great” and “a venerable example of the kung fu genre”.

How much does the Batsaber cost?

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Price Quantity
$61.90 1
$61.84 or less 130