What does the name Tara mean for a girl?

What does the name Tara mean for a girl?

Etymology & Historical Origin of the Baby Name Tara Tara is an Irish female name, derived from a place name in the Kingdom of Meath. Aside from the obvious Irish connection, Tara is also a word in Sanskrit meaning “star” (a Hindu goddess) as well as a female Buddha deity.

What does Tara mean Irish?

In Irish Baby Names the meaning of the name Tara is: Where the kings met. Also Tara’s Halls, where ancient Bards sang deeds of Irish heroes. The ruins of the Halls are on the hill of Tara, meaning crag or tower.

What does Tara mean?

(colloquial) Let’s go.

What nationality is the name Tara?

Tara is also used as a male or female name for Sikhs. Tara is a word originating from Sanskrit, meaning star, and it symbolises the light of the soul….Tara (given name)

Word/name Sanskrit, Gaelic, Irish, English, Kurdish
Meaning Queen Star Goddess of the sea Diamond
Other names
Related names Tarja, Tamara

What does the name Tari mean?

Tari is a unisex name of Arabic origin and it is also predominantly used in the Arabic language. Tari is a form of the Albanian , Arabic, and Turkish Tariq. Its meaning is “one who pounds at the door at night.”.

Is Tara boy or girl name?

Tara is also used as a male or female name for Sikhs . Tara is a word originating from Sanskrit , meaning star, and it symbolizes the light of the soul.

What is a nickname for the name Tara?

The most common US nickname for Tamara is Tammy or Tam, but other nicknames exist, such as Tatia (თათია) Tamar (თამარ) Tamuna (თამუნა), Tamari (თამარი), Tamriko (თამრიკო) or Tako (თაკო) in Georgia, Toma in Russia, Mara, Tama or Tara.

What is the meaning of Tara in Irish?

The name Tara is of Irish origin. The meaning of Tara is “high hill”. It is also of Hindi origin, where its meaning is “star”. Tara is generally used as a girl’s name.