What does Virtus Investment Partners do?

What does Virtus Investment Partners do?

Company Description: Virtus Investment Partners provides investment management services to wealthy individuals, corporations, pension funds, endowments and foundations, and insurance companies.

Who is the CEO of Virtus?

George R. Aylward, Jr.
George R. Aylward, Jr. is president and chief executive officer of Virtus Investment Partners.

Does Virtus own Kayne Anderson?

Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management, LLC | Virtus Investment Partners.

Is Virtus a good company?

Virtus is a great small company. It adopts a laid back work culture that allows employee to feel comfortable so they can perform their best work. Virtus invests a lot in training new hires so they know what’s expected of them.

Who founded Kayne Anderson?

Richard Kayne
Richard Kayne is the founder and co-chair of Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors. Kayne founded Kayne Anderson in 1984, and has grown the firm through a disciplined, personal investment philosophy that emphasizes niche opportunities with attractive return expectations and lower risk characteristics.

How many employees does Virtus Investment Partners have?

Virtus Investment Partners

Type Public company
Products Virtus mutual funds; closed-end funds; retail separate accounts; exchange-traded funds; institutional investment management services
AUM $168.9 billion (March 31, 2021)
Number of employees 581 (December 31, 2020)
Website www.virtus.com

How did Ric Kayne make his money?

In addition to co-founding Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, Ric also founded Kayne Anderson Rudnick, a traditional investment management firm – which he grew to over $10 billion in assets under management, before selling it in 2001 to the Phoenix Companies.

Who owns Jenni Kayne?

Julia Hunter
Julia Hunter is CEO of Jenni Kayne and has been with the company since 2014.

How much is Richard Kayne worth?

1.1 billion USD (2021)
Richard Kayne/Net worth

Who owns SuRi boat?

Ric Kayne
If you want to interview Ric Kayne, owner of 63.4-metre expedition yacht SuRi, you have to catch him first – and he doesn’t sit still for long.

How did Jenni Kayne get her start?

As her retail and wholesale business grew organically over time, Jenni built a loyal following on her blog Rip & Tan, where she opened her home and interests to readers looking for inspirational content. Since then, Kayne’s business has tripled in revenue and expanded to include five California-based retail stores.

Where are Jenni Kayne products made?

Our shoes are always made in Italy, because true craftsmanship never compromises quality. We work with a women’s cooperative in Peru for our textiles, because we believe in building up and empowering communities of women.