What dragons do you breed to get a soccer dragon?

What dragons do you breed to get a soccer dragon?

If you breed a level 8 Fluorescent Dragon with a level 8 Hot Metal Dragon, you have a 94% chance for a Soccer Dragon.

How rare is the Korean soccer dragon?

Korean Soccer Dragon

Name: Korean Soccer Dragon Dragon Book number: 312 Habitat:
Habitat Lv: 2 Rarity: Shop Lv: 14
Shop: Hatch: 5000 Sell: 100000
Breeding: 12 hours Hatching: 12 hours Category: 4
Type: Rare Hybrid Generation: III

What to breed to get legendary dragons?

Pure + Pure will give you either Pure or Legend. Breeding two identical Dragons (e.g., Pure Dragon + Pure Dragon / Pure Dark Dragon + Pure Dark Dragon) triggers a switch that makes it highly likely for the result to be another of the same.

What is the fastest dragon to breed in Dragon City?

Breeding Time

Time Dragons
32 hours Prisma, Ice&Fire, Two Headed
36 hours Colossal, Juggernaut, Leviathan, Red Woods, Tesla, Dark Stone, Nightwind, Panzer, Elfic
44 hours Hydra
48 hours Pure Hybrids — Pure Terra, Pure Sea, Pure Nature, Pure Electric, Pure Metal, Pure Ice, Pure Dark, Pure Flame, Pure Dark

How do you make a legendary dragon?

Most breedable dragons can be got by combining parent dragons that have the target dragon’s elements. Legend-only dragons can be got by combining 2 legend-only dragons, or with a pure-pure combo. Dragons that need a certain level parent will say so in the description.

What Dragon takes 82 hours to breed?

Mirage dragon
@philocalist It would be a Mirage dragon. Hatching time is 89 3/4 hours!

How do you speed up breeding in Dragon City?

Try ignoring the the quests that ask you to speed up the harvesting or breeding process. The winning league also grants you extra gems. Finish a collection of dragons in the dragon book and you can claim gems as well. The ultra breeding tree will help you reach the following goals faster.