What guns are similar to Walther PPK?

What guns are similar to Walther PPK?

According to the Dr No novel, three other guns which were considered for Bond, as well as the Walther PPK. These were the Japanese Nambu M14, the Russian Tokarev TT-33 and German made Sauer M38. The Nambu and the Tokarev seem to be odd choices for a concealed weapon and one wonders how they ever came into contention.

What caliber is James Bond’s PPK?

.32 ACP
In contrast to the . 25 caliber rounds of the Baretta, the Walther PPK used by 007 is chambered for . 32 ACP rounds, a far more popular bullet easily available all over the world, which is useful for an agent like Bond.

What is special about a Walther PPK?

The PPK/S features the short slide of the Walther PPK and full-length grip of the PP. The PPK/S is not a bad gun at all. The PPK is a fine gun. However, if you have fired the full-size, original PP pistol, you will realize that the PPK is a great shooter, easy to manage and accurate.

Did James Bond carry a Walther PPK?

The Walther PPK was the weapon of choice for James Bond from the films Dr. No to Tomorrow Never Dies (except Moonraker and Octopussy) and again in Quantum of Solace, SkyFall and SPECTRE and probably No Time To Die. The gun is also mentioned in the Ian Fleming novels from Dr. No to The Man with the Golden Gun.

Is there a Walther PPK in 9mm?

Walther’s industry-leading innovation takes the spotlight with their PPK model handguns. It features a single-action/double-action trigger that decocks when rotating the safety down into the safe position, first introduced by Walther. …

What ammo does a Walther PPK take?

The PPK/S and the PPK are offered in the following calibers: . 32 ACP (with capacities of 8 for PPK/S and 7 for PPK); or . 380 ACP (PPK/S: 7; PPK: 6).

What ammo does a Walther PPK shoot?

Chambered in 9 Short, 7.65 Browning or 22 LR, the PPK is a semi-automatic pistol with a single-stack magazine holding 8 rounds in 7.65 or 7 rounds in 9 short and 9 rounds in . 22LR. The length of the barrel is 83 mm (5 mm less than the PP) for a total length of 155 mm compared to the PP’s 170 mm.

Why is the Walther PPK so popular?

The PPK was highly praised because of its compactness and reliability as well as the unique signal pin indicating that the gun was either loaded or unloaded. It protrudes from the rear of the slide when the chamber is loaded.

Is the Walther PPK any good?

It looks great on the big screen. But compared to more modern pistols, the Walther PPK is a horrible choice for self-defense and concealed carry. It’s not even a fun plinker. Unless you’re a collector or an avid James Bond enthusiast, there are much better options available.

Why did James Bond carry a Walther PPK?

In the following novels Bond uses both guns: the PPK for undercover work as it is smaller and easier to conceal while he used the P99 for jobs that did not require concealment.

Why did James Bond switch to a Walther PPK?

The PPK makes it literary debut in Dr. No, the sixth book in the series. The reason for this change is found in the previous book, From Russia with Love where Bond’s Beretta 418 gets caught in his holster.