What happened at Ibrox Stadium 1971?

What happened at Ibrox Stadium 1971?

The disaster occurred on Saturday, 2 January 1971, when 66 people were killed in a crush as supporters tried to leave the stadium. The match was an Old Firm game (Rangers v Celtic) and was attended by more than 80,000 fans. More than 200 other fans were injured.

How many Ibrox disasters have there been?

The Ibrox disaster refers to two accidents, both at football games held at Ibrox Park (now Ibrox Stadium) in Glasgow, Scotland: The 1902 Ibrox disaster was a partial stadium collapse that caused 25 deaths and 517 injuries.

What happened at Rangers 50 years ago?

Ibrox Disaster 50 Year Anniversary At it’s time, the 1971 Ibrox Disaster was the worst disaster in British sport and the effects of the disaster profoundly impacted not only Rangers, but Glasgow, Scotland and society as a whole.

Where was Stairway 13 at Ibrox?

Copland Road subway station
Stairway – or passageway – 13 was an exit point at the eastern end of Ibrox which funnelled the spectators out of the ground and away towards the Copland Road subway station (renamed Ibrox station in 1977).

What caused Hillsborough disaster?

March 2015: After six days of questioning, David Duckenfield admits his failure to close a tunnel before opening gate C “was the direct cause of the deaths of 96 people”. Under pressure, he “froze” and failed to consider the consequences of admitting thousands of fans on to already-packed terraces, he told the jury.

Did Celtic fans died at Ibrox disaster?

Critically, this resulted in the collapse of several steel barriers that ran up the centre of the stairway. Later eye-witness accounts testified to hearing the barriers creak and bend under the human weight and pressure. There was no escape for many caught up in the crush and 66 people died horrific deaths.

When was the first Ibrox disaster?

April 5, 1902
1902 Ibrox disaster/Start dates

What year was the Ibrox disaster?

January 2, 1971
1971 Ibrox disaster/Start dates

What happened 50 years ago today at Ibrox?

Today marks 50 years since the Ibrox Disaster when five teenagers from the same Fife town died. On 2 January 1971, a total of 66 people lost their lives after a crush at Ibrox. It took place at Stairway 13 following a game between Rangers and Celtic.

What does 55 mean for Rangers?

It’s title number 55 for the club – the most of any football club in the world – and the first in 10 years following one of the most arduous decades in the club’s history.

Why is Ibrox called Ibrox?

Ibrox (/ˈaɪbrɒks/; Scottish Gaelic: Àth Bruic, lit. ‘badger ford’, pronounced [aːʰ ˈpɾɯʰkʲ]) is a suburb of Glasgow, Scotland.

Who was at fault for the Hillsborough disaster?

Based on initial briefings by the police, The Sun laid the blame for the Hillsborough disaster squarely on Liverpool fans, accusing them of being drunk, and in some cases of deliberately hindering the emergency response. It alleged that fans had urinated on a policeman, and that money was stolen from victims.