What happened Emil Forsberg?

What happened Emil Forsberg?

A persistent pubic bone injury did not exactly help Forsberg’s cause. He missed eight matches (Matchdays 14-22), set up only one more goal (on Matchday 28) and did not play 90 minutes until Matchday 29.

Where does Emil Forsberg live?

On 17 July 2016, Forsberg married Shanga Hussain, who is a former footballer. The couple live in Leipzig, having first met in Sundsvall. They own a dog, Roffe, who is a Golden Retriever.

How old is Forsberg?

30 years (October 23, 1991)
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How many goals does Emil Forsberg have?

In the German Bundesliga season 2021/22, Emil Forsberg has played 6 matches (plus 2 as a sub). They have 7 shots on target from a total of 14 shots and have scored 3 goals (3.77 xG). Emil Forsberg averages 25 passes per match with a pass completion rate of 84%, and has 0 assists.

How tall is Alexander Isak?

1.9 m
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What team is Alexander Isak on?

Real Sociedad#19 / Forward
Sweden national football team#11 / ForwardSweden national under-21 football teamForward
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How old is Alexander Isak?

22 years (September 21, 1999)
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Are Peter and Filip Forsberg related?

He has a younger brother, Fredrik Forsberg, who plays hockey in the BIK Karlskoga organization. The brothers are of no relation to Hockey Hall of Famer Peter Forsberg (Foppa) or Ottawa Senators goaltender Anton Forsberg. He is a supporter of Liverpool FC.

Is Alexander Isak adopted?

Isak was born and raised in Solna Municipality, in central Stockholm County, by Eritrean parents.

How much does Alexander Isak earn?

What is Alexander Isak’s salary? Isak earns an estimated £19,000 per week at Real Sociedad, according to salarysport.com.

Where is Alexander Isak originally from?

Solna Municipality, Sweden
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Does Peter Forsberg have a brother?

Roger Forsberg
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