What happened to Albert Lin?

What happened to Albert Lin?

Albert Lin lost his leg due to an off-road vehicle accident, where he was forced to eventually amputate the limb. The decision came after multiple days of deliberation in the hospital, before finally deciding to go bionic. What is this?

Has Albert Lin discovered anything?

Albert Lin has made a career of using technology to fuel big new discoveries. He employed satellites and radar to seek Genghis Khan’s tomb. And he recently helped discover the remnants of an ancient Maya megalopolis in the Guatemalan jungle using aerial scanning technology called LiDAR.

Why did Albert Lin lose his leg?

Lin lost his leg after shattering his leg bone in an off-road accident which required amputation. He eventually decided on a prosthetic replacement but this hasn’t limited his continued participation in sports or in precarious exploration.

Can I watch National Geographic on Amazon Prime?

Amazon.com: National Geographic Channel – Prime Video: Movies & TV.

What kind of show is National Geographic Explorer?

A weekly series of short documentary segments funded by the National Geographic Society and done in the style of the National Geographic Specials. In 2003, the show was re-branded National Geographic Ultimate Explorer. A news-style journal format is now used instead of the more t… Read all

What kind of documentaries does National Geographic make?

National Geographic Documentary Films National Geographic Documentary Films is committed to bringing the world premium documentaries that cover timely, provocative and globally relevant stories from the very best documentary filmmakers in the world.

How long has the explorer been on TV?

“Explorer” aired for 25 years — the longest-running documentary series in cable TV history — before being relaunched in 2015 after a five-year hiatus.

What was the original purpose of National Geographic?

Furthering knowledge and understanding of our world has been the core purpose of National Geographic for over 130 years, and today we are committed to going deeper, going further, and continuing to push boundaries through the beauty and power of documentary filmmaking.