What happened to Bron on All Saints?

What happened to Bron on All Saints?

Libby Tanner as Bronwyn Craig Bron ends up getting together with fellow paramedic Ben after his wife dies. After some rough patches, the pair become engaged, leave All Saints and move to the country.

Is Terri Sullivan pregnant?

The second half of the year commences with Terri revealing the bombshell the Ward has been waiting to hear: she is pregnant with Mitch’s child, but tragedy soon strikes putting both mother and child in grave danger.

What happens to Rose in All Saints?

Unknown to Terri, Rose IS home but she’ll never be able to resolve their differences. She’s dead, drowned in her backyard pool. Once word of Rose’s death reaches All Saints, it’s initially assumed that she committed suicide.

Does Terri leave All Saints?

Parker, who plays nurse Terri Sullivan, will film her final scenes with the medical drama early next year, and will be seen on air until the end of May. …

Why did Alexandra Davies leave All Saints?

“We weren’t right together—it was a very volatile relationship,” she says. “I copped a lot of verbal abuse and my self-esteem absolutely plummeted.” While Davies now describes the incident as a trigger, a year passed before she sought help.

Why did Georgie Parker leave All Saints?

All vital stuff for the show, maintains Parker but not creatively good for her. “Me choosing to leave coincided with Terri being an exhausted character,” she said of Terri, who started as a nun, then married only to have her husband die.

Was Charlotte really pregnant in All Saints?

All Saints’ Tammy MacIntosh will give birth twice – in real life and on screen! When Tammy MacIntosh found out she was pregnant, she didn’t quite get the gasps of shock she’d been expecting. “I’m going to have to go back and wear a pregnancy suit,” she says, laughing.

What happened to Terri Sullivan?

Investigators believe Terri Sullivan’s burned remains were found in Mobile County in late March about two months after she disappeared from her home in Tibbie. They are still waiting for a forensics lab to confirm that it was her body found.

Do Ben and Bron get married All Saints?

Bron and Ben’s big day has arrived and despite his nerves and the unwelcome arrival of her father, they finally make it to the altar. Their beautiful wedding is the first of many for All Saints staff in 2003, a year of love, loss, and new beginnings.

When did Terri Sullivan leave All Saints?

Mitch and Terri forever. Fans bid farewell to much-loved Aussie medical drama All Saints in 2009. But when TV WEEK brought former co-stars and on-screen lovebirds Erik Thomson and Georgie Parker together for a reunion, it was like no time had passed.

Who plays Cate on All Saints?

Alexandra Davies
All Saints (TV Series 1998–2009) – Alexandra Davies as Cate McMasters, Naomi Collins – IMDb.

Was Tammy Mcintosh really pregnant on All Saints?

What happens in Episode 35 of All Saints?

Still processing Gabrielle’s bombshell from the night before, Steve is called out (with Jo) to a rural clinic to help transport a patient, Neil. 35. The Two of Us With Mike still recovering from his injuries, Steve steps into the role of team leader in the MRU, and Adam fills in as a doctor.

Where can I watch All Saints TV series?

All Saints is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (493 episodes). The series first aired on February 24, 1998. All Saints is available for streaming on the Seven website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch All Saints on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Tubi TV and IMDb TV.

When did season 5 of All Saints start?

The fifth season of the long-running Australian medical drama All Saints began airing on 5 February 2002 and concluded on 26 November 2002 with a total of 43 episodes. 2002 begins with a bang as an earthquake rips through Sydney, causing Von to fracture her arm and a train derailment.

What happens at opening night of All Saints?

Tensions run high after an earthquake rocks All Saints. Bron and Lyle are on their way to his opening night, when the train that they are on jackknifes and after Bron is removed and taken to All Saints, a gas leak triggers an explosion, leaving Lyle in grave danger. Scott bonds with a woman caught in between two trains.