What happened to runtastic road bike pro?

What happened to runtastic road bike pro?

Time to retire Runtastic PRO! This means that we’ve taken the app off the market and that there won’t be any more app updates for the Runtastic PRO app. Don’t worry, you can still find all your PRO features, your complete training history, and much more in the free adidas Running app.

How can I get adidas premium for free?

Thanks to our partner, adidas, you can get a complimentary 90-day premium membership to the adidasTraining app, unlocking access to tons of home workouts and training plans. It’s important to stay motivated during this time. Join the #hometeam team today.

Is Adidas running the same as Runtastic?

The German brand now pushed the integration further, as it officially renamed Runtastic to Adidas Running. Together with the name change, the app received a fresh coat of paint, which is more aligned with Adidas’ visual identity.

Is Adidas training free?

The adidas Training and Running Apps are available for free on the Apple App Store. In related news, premium access to Nike’s Training Club app is also available for free.

What is Adidas runtastic premium?

adidas Runtastic Premium gives you access to all training plans on the adidas Runtastic apps: adidas Running by Runtastic and adidas Training by Runtastic. It is a paid subscription, but qualifying adidas Creators Club members can gain free access! Creators Club Level 2 Playmakers and up qualify for 3 months free.

How do I get free runtastic premium?

Moreover, other functionalities like Advanced Statistics, Personal Records or Auto Pause are available only within Premium. As a Creators Club member in one of the upper levels of the membership program, we will reward you with adidas Runtastic Premium for free.

What is the Adidas smart ball app called?

micoach Smart Ball
One year later and adidas have unveiled a production version, now called the micoach Smart Ball, and a polished iOS app to go with it.

What is miCoach?

The miCoach SPEED_CELL is a device that goes in your footwear. Traditionally, devices only capture your running speed in one direction. re running forward, you’re running backward, you’re side stepping. This captures your movement in every direction. It captures total distance and speed every second while you?