What happened to stampy long head?

What happened to stampy long head?

On 2nd December 2013, Garrett received an email from Google that outlined that he had breached YouTube community guidelines, and thus his channel had been terminated.

What is stampy long head real name?

They spend up to two hours a day watching videos that Stampy – real name Joseph Garrett, a 23-year-old from Portsmouth – has uploaded to Youtube of him and his friends playing Minecraft, a computer game in which users construct their own world out of building blocks.

Are Stampy and Sqaishey dating in 2021?

Sqaishey and Stampy have been confirmed to be dating, which was first announced by Sqaishey themself.. Additionally, Stampy told the story when he met Sqaishey in episode 72 of a podcast by Rhett and Link named Ear Biscuits.

What happened to Ashdubh?

On 27th March 2019, he announced that he would stop uploading videos on his main channel after 30th April due to personal matters. The channel has since been taken over by a YouTuber by the name of Drewplays, who also posts gaming videos. In July 2020, the channel got deleted for unknown reasons.

Who is Stampy wife?

Joseph Garrett
Spouse(s) Kye Bates ​ ( m. 2019)​
YouTube information
Also known as Stampy Cat, stampylonghead, stampylongnose, Stampy
Channel stampylonghead

Who is IBallisticSquid married to?

He got engaged with his longtime girlfriend, Nicole (Sketchasaurus), on 11th May 2019. They have a child named Finnley, who was born on 7th September 2021.

Does Iballisticsquid have a girlfriend?

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Why did Stampylonghead stop posting on his channel?

As the audience expanded, Stampy began to notice an increased proportion of younger viewers. At this point he had begun to move his video content onto the stampylonghead channel, so at the realisation that his viewers may be offended by the language and gameplay shown, he ceased all inappropriate activity.

When did Stampylonghead make his return to Minecraft?

On 19th October 2019, he made his comeback to Minecraft by uploading a new Lovely World video named Mirror World. He also started streaming on the channel where he plays different games every video. His first stream on the channel was Minecraft where he played some mini-games and toured his Lovely World on the Bedrock edition.

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