What happened to the actor Alfred Burke?

What happened to the actor Alfred Burke?

Death. Burke died from a chest infection on 16 February 2011, twelve days before his 93rd birthday, and was cremated at Golders Green Crematorium. He was survived by his wife, Barbara (née Bonelle) and their four children: Jacob and Harriet (twins), and Kelly and Louisa (twins).

When was public eye made?

January 23, 1965
Public Eye/First episode date

Who played Frank marker in public eye?

Alfred BurkePublic Eye
Frank Marker/Played by

What was the last episode of public eye?

April 7, 1975
Public Eye/Final episode date

Was Alfred Burke married?

Barbara Bonellem.?–2011
Alfred Burke/Spouse

Burke married Barbara Bonelle, a former stage manager, and they had two sets of twins. He is survived by his wife, from whom he was separated, his long-term partner, Hedi Argent, and his children.

Where is Alfred Burke buried?

Alfred Burke

Birth 28 Feb 1918 Peckham, London Borough of Southwark, Greater London, England
Death 16 Feb 2011 (aged 92) Barnes, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Greater London, England
Burial Golders Green Crematorium Golders Green, London Borough of Barnet, Greater London, England
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What is the public eye?

: in a position that receives a lot of public notice and attention The job requires someone who is comfortable being in the public eye.

Where was public eye filmed?

Trivia (16) To keep the series fresh, the producers regularly moved Frank Marker (Alfred Burke) around the U.K. The show was originally based in London’s Clapham district, moving to Handsworth in Birmingham, Brighton, Windsor, Walton-on-Thames, and finally Chertsey.

Who played Frank marker?

How many episodes of public eye are there?

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Who was Alfred Burke married to?

How old is Alfred Burke?

92 years (1918–2011)
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When did Alfred Burke appear in public eye?

Burke as the tough, unattached, self-sufficient Marker in A Mug Named Frank, a 1971 episode of Public Eye. Photograph: FremantleMedia Ltd/Rex Features

Who was Frank Marker in the public eye?

Alfred Burke. Alfred Burke (28 February 1918 – 16 February 2011) was an English actor, perhaps best known for his portrayal of Frank Marker in the drama series Public Eye, which ran on television for ten years.

Who was the private detective in public eye?

Alfred Burke obituary. Actor best known as the private detective Frank Marker in the television series Public Eye. Fri 18 Feb 2011 14.32 EST First published on Fri 18 Feb 2011 14.32 EST. Burke as the tough, unattached, self-sufficient Marker in A Mug Named Frank, a 1971 episode of Public Eye.

Where was Alfred Burke’s office on ABC TV?

An ABC TV press release introduced the character as a “thin, shabby, middle-aged man with a slightly grim sense of humour and an aura of cynical incorruptibility. His office is a dingy south London attic within sound of Clapham Junction.