What happened to the football player that hit the referee?

What happened to the football player that hit the referee?

The Texas high school player who was ejected from a game, went back on the field and hit an official has received more stern penalties. According to the San Antonio Express-News, Duron was suspended from school for three days and he will attend weekly counseling sessions as part of a behavioral intervention plan.

Who attacked the ref?

Emmanuel Duron
Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)-Former Senior defensive lineman Emmanuel Duron of Edinburg High School delivered a statement on Thursday night after he slammed referee Fred Gracia to the ground in a move that drew sharp criticism across the nation.

Why was Texas high school football player ejected?

Senior defensive lineman Emmanuel Duron, 18, of Edinburg High School was ejected for a late hit and unsportsmanlike conduct during the first half of the Bobcats’ regular-season finale against District 31-6A opponent Pharr-San Juan-Alamo.

What happens when you get ejected from a high school football game?

When the offender is ejected, they must leave the immediate playing area; in most cases, this means going to the locker room or other part of the venue out of sight of the playing area, or in extreme cases, leaving the facility grounds.

Where is Bishop Sycamore High School?

Columbus, Ohio
Bishop Sycamore High School, the supposed school in Columbus, Ohio, is not recognized by the Ohio High School Athletic Association, and the state’s Department of Education lists no charter school with its name, according to local TV station WCMH.

Can a ref get ejected?

Most sports have provisions that allow players to be ejected, and many allow for the ejection of coaches, managers, or other non-playing personnel. The decision to eject a participant usually lies with one or more officials present at the contest (e.g., referees or umpires).

Who is the kid that tackled the ref?

Senior defensive lineman Emmanuel Duron, 18, of Edinburg High School was ejected from a Dec. 3 football game for a late hit and unsportsmanlike conduct. After the referee announced the ejection, Duron ran back onto the field, chased by another player and a coach, and collided with the official.

Is assaulting a referee a felony in Texas?

(4) A person who is guilty of assault of a sport official shall, for a second or subsequent offense, be guilty of a Class D felony.

Can a referee be ejected?

What happens when a player gets ejected?

Ejected players/coaches must leave the court area for the remainder of play, and must do so immediately, or else risk even heavier fines/suspensions. In the NBA, an ejection will result in, at minimum, a $1,000 fine; an ejection for leaving the bench during a fight carries at least a one-game suspension as well.

Does a player have to leave the field after being ejected?

Players have been required to leave the field after being ejected, usually escorted off by a coach or staffer in full view of fans. If the proposal passes, ejected players will be allowed to stay on the sideline with teammates, eliminating the so-called walk of shame.

Is Bishop Sycamore High School a real school?

In the latest twist in the strange saga of Bishop Sycamore, the football team’s new head coach said Monday that the self-proclaimed high school is not, in fact, an actual school. As of last year, Bishop Sycamore High School was registered as a non-chartered, non-tax supported school in Ohio.

Who was high school football player who attacked referee?

Sports Football referee Fred Gracia falls to the turf after being charged by Edinburg’s Emmanuel Duron in Edinburg’s high school zone play-in game against Pharr-San Juan-Alamo on Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020, in Edinburg, Texas. Duron was escorted from the stadium by police officers.

Who was the high school football player charged with assault?

Edinburg High School senior Emmanuel Duron was booked into jail Friday morning and charged with “assault causing bodily injury,” according to Hidalgo County jail records. Duron, 18, posted a $10,000 bond on Friday evening and was expected to be released.

Who was the football player that leveled the ref?

A high school football player in Texas became infamous when he did the unthinkable, leveling a referee. With grace from the ref, the player is seeking a new start. Emmanuel DurĂ³n, 19, in his bedroom in Edinburg, Texas.