What happened to the woman who killed her 5 children?

What happened to the woman who killed her 5 children?

Andrea Pia Yates (née Kennedy; born July 2, 1964) is a former resident of Houston, Texas, who confessed to drowning her five children in their bathtub on June 20, 2001….

Andrea Yates
Criminal charge Capital murder (x5) Andrea Yates
Outcome Found not guilty by reason of insanity in 2006
Date June 20, 2001

How many of her children did Andrea Yates kill?

five children
Andrea Yates was charged with capital murder in the 2001 deaths of her five children. After her initial conviction was overturned, Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity and was ordered to a mental hospital on July 26, 2006.

Is Andrea Yates remorseful?

When asked if Yates has shown remorse, Parnham added, “She’s obviously very aware and is impacted tremendously by what happened.” In a not guilty by reason of insanity verdict the court has jurisdiction over you for as long as your sentence would have been. In Yates’ case, that’s the rest of her life.

What happened Deirdre Morley?

Deirdre Morley, who was found not guilty of murdering her children by reason of insanity, has been committed to the Central Mental Hospital. At a brief hearing today at the Central Criminal Court, Mr Justice Paul Coffey said that following the jury verdict last month, he requested Mrs Morley be examined.

Is Rusty Yates married again?

Andrea Yatesm. 1993–2005
Russell Yates/Spouse

Who is Lisa Snyder?

Jurors deciding the case of Lisa Snyder, the Berks County mother accused of fatally hanging her two children in the basement of her Albany Township home in 2019, will likely not be asked to also decide whether Snyder engaged in sex acts with her dog.

What is going on with Andrea Yates?

Yates, who is now 56, was tried twice for the deaths of her children. In 2002, she was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison. Yates was sent to Kerrville State Hospital, a mental health facility, where she remains today. She has now spent a third of her life institutionalized.

Are Rusty and Andrea Yates still married?

Yates suffered from both. She and her husband Rusty divorced in 2004 and he has since remarried and started a new family.

Where is Deirdre McGinley?

Paediatric nurse Deirdre Morley, who smothered her three young children at their family home and was found not guilty of their murders by reason of insanity, has been committed to the Central Mental Hospital (CMH) today.

What medication was Deirdre Morley on?

Treatment with the anti-psychotic drug Olanzapine since her children’s deaths has made her “herself again”, a caring, non-violent person, she said. “If Deirdre’s diagnosis was questionable prior to January 24, 2020, then surely so too was her treatment and medication,” Mr McGinley said.

Who is Rusty Yates second wife?

Russell Yates/Wife

Did Rusty Yates divorce his second wife?

Rusty Yates divorced Andrea three years after the incident and later remarried and had a son who is now 8 years old. His second wife filed for divorce last year, according to court documents.