What has Brian Michael Bendis written?

What has Brian Michael Bendis written?

Brian Michael Bendis is an award winning comics creator, Amazon and New York Times bestseller and one of the most successful writers working in mainstream comics….Writer.


How many volumes of Alias are there?

Alias (Marvel Comics) Book Series (4 Books) Sure, she may hang out with some of the Avengers socially, but she`s not welcome in Avengers Mansion. And she feels the rejection. She’s self-destructive, drinks too much, and has a huge inferiority complex.

Why is Alias not on Marvel Unlimited?

It’s worth noting here that Alias is not available on Marvel Unlimited, to the chagrin of just about everyone who’s used the service. The word on the street is that Marvel MAX titles (Marvel’s 18+ content) are not allowed in Marvel Unlimited because it would restrict the app’s all ages availability.

Is Brian Michael Bendis a good comic book writer?

Brian Michael Bendis is a critically acclaimed, fan-favorite comic book writer who has won five Eisner Awards, four Wizard awards and three Comics Buyer’s Guide Awards. Bendis has made a name for himself as one of the best comic book writers of the last 20 years, most notably working for Marvel Comics.

How many issues of Avengers did Bendis write?

His 200-plus issues of Ultimate Spider-Man comprise the longest run any writer has ever published on the character, and the more than 170 issues of Avengers comics he wrote claim the throne for that title, too.

Is Bendis still writing for DC?

In September, Bleeding Cool reported that DC Comics was putting an end to the big-name-writer exclusive contract deals that had defined the publisher in recent years. One of those names was Brian Bendis, who came to DC from Marvel in the same fashion as Jack Kirby.

How many Jessica Jones alias volumes are there?

Alias (comics)

No. of issues 28
Main character(s) Jessica Jones
Creative team
Created by Brian Michael Bendis

Where should I start reading Jessica Jones?

Where to start reading Jessica Jones comics

  • Uncaged! #2: Jessica Jones Vol.
  • The Secrets of Maria Hill. #3: Jessica Jones Vol.
  • Return of the Purple Man.

Does Marvel Unlimited have every comic?

covers Marvel Comics published in every year from 1961 through present day with more than enough to read, and only very minor gaps. Once you have subscribed to Marvel Unlimited, you do not need to pay for individual comics on the Marvel Unlimited app.

How often does Marvel Unlimited update?

every week
More classic and newer issues are added every week — as soon as 3 months after they hit stores! The free Marvel Unlimited app can be downloaded from iTunes® or Google Play.

How much does Brian Michael Bendis make?

Brian Michael Bendis net worth: Brian Michael Bendis is an American comic book writer and artist who has a net worth of $4 million. Brian Michael Bendis was born in Cleveland, Ohio in August 1967….Brian Michael Bendis Net Worth.

Net Worth: $4 Million
Profession: Cartoonist, Film Producer, Writer, Author
Nationality: United States of America

Why did Bendis leave Marvel?

Bendis had written pretty much every Marvel character he was interested in — and there was no chance of Marvel publishing a Fantastic Four comic now. Bendis was losing his swagger, none of his friends were there anymore, it was time to leave the stage — and get a brand new spotlight.

What kind of comics did Brian Michael Bendis create?

He has won five Eisner Awards for both his creator-owned work and his work on various Marvel Comics books. Starting with crime and noir comics, Bendis eventually moved to mainstream superhero work. With Bill Jemas and Mark Millar, Bendis was the primary architect of the Ultimate Marvel Universe, launching Ultimate Spider-Man in 2000.

Who is the creator of the comic series Alias?

Not to be confused with Alas (comics). Alias is a comic book series created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos. It was published by Marvel Comics under Marvel’s MAX imprint for a total of 28 issues from 2001 to 2004 .

Who is the author of the Bendis imprint?

It was written by Bendis and illustrated for most of its run by Michael Gaydos, with covers by David Mack. Bendis relates in a text piece on the letters page of the book’s final issue that it was one of the reasons the imprint was created.

When did Brian Michael Bendis write the torso?

In 1998, Bendis co-wrote and illustrated the Eliot Ness -starring Torso with Marc Andreyko, again for Image, and in 2000 he produced three issues of the autobiographical Fortune and Glory for Oni Comics.