What is 7 8-Benzoflavone?

What is 7 8-Benzoflavone?

alpha-Naphthoflavone, also known as 7,8-benzoflavone and 2-phenyl-benzo(h)chromen-4-one, is a synthetic flavone derivative. It can be prepared from 2-naphthol and cinnamaldehyde. alpha-Naphthoflavone is a potent inhibitor of the enzyme aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen.

What is Benzoflavone?

The compound 7,8-Benzoflavone is a synthetic isoflavone developed under laboratory set-ups. It is a flavone derivative and is a well-known aromatase inhibitor as well as an anti-estrogen compound. It also prevents aromatization process to prevent estrogen conversion and keep testosterone levels within normal ranges.

Is it safe to take 7, 8 benzoflavone?

There is zero evidence that 7,8 Benzoflavone is directly linked to any side effects. It is safe to take even in high doses. Although like any supplement, it should never be overdosed or ran too long.

What does testosterone propionate do to the body?

Testosterone Propionate is a short acting oil-based injectable formulation of testosterone. Testosterone inhibits gonadotropin secretion from the pituitary gland and ablates estrogen production in the ovaries, thereby decreasing endogenous estrogen levels.

What kind of aromatase inhibitor is 7, 8 benzoflavone?

7,8 Benzoflavone is a synthetic flavone derivative, which is a potent aromatase inhibitor. It is known as alpha-naphthoflavone, and it shouldn’t be confused with 5,6 benzo, known as, beta-naphthoflavone, which is an inducer of detoxification enzymes and is not an aromatase inhibitor at all.

How does benzo help with testosterone and estrogen?

In DSpark, there are 7 ingredients which help boost testosterone levels, while the benzo will help control estrogen to balance out your hormones. 7,8-Benzoflavone is a proven aromatase inhibitor, which works well stacked as part of a steroid cycle or as part of a supplemental stack where testosterone is increasing.