What is a 6-2 volleyball rotation?

What is a 6-2 volleyball rotation?

The 6-2 system When a team runs a 6-2 system, it uses whichever player is in the back row as its setter so that it will have six offensive options — an outside hitter, a middle hitter, a right-side hitter, a hitter from the back row, the libero or defensive specialist in the back row, and the setter from the back row.

How do you play outside hitter in volleyball?

In attack, they must supply very accurate and quick set shots to outside hitters. Outside hitter – the outside hitter must be the player who hits and blocks on the front left side of the court. In defence, their role is to support the blocking of an opponent’s shot from where the ball crosses the net.

Why is it called a 6’2 in volleyball?

Offense for the 6-2 Volleyball Rotation The most popular offensive system is the 6-2 offense. The reason it’s called a 6-2 is because you have 6 attackers and 2 setters. The setters play opposite one another and set when they are on the back row.

What is the rotation rule in volleyball?

Each player, with the exception of the libero, will rotate to each location in a clockwise manner before each serve. Each time a team wins a point or before they start the serve, the serving team rotates clockwise.

What is the role of a outside hitter in volleyball?

The outside hitter is also known as the left-side hitter and is the lead attacker in the offensive strategy. To be a successful outsider hitter, you must be able to jump high, be quick on your feet, and be ready to adapt to different situations.

What are the skills of an outside hitter in volleyball?

The outside hitter is often the focal point of the offense and completes most of the attack hits. They must be able to adjust to sets coming from any location, as well as hit from the front and back rows. On defense, they often receive the serve.

How do you do a volleyball rotation?

Each time a team wins a side out or gets possession of the serve, the new serving team rotates clockwise. Each player rotates one spot—the left front rotates to the middle front position, the middle front rotates to the right-front position, the right front rotates to the right-back position and so on.

How many hitters are in a 6-2 volleyball rotation?

So, a 6-2 volleyball rotation has six hitters and two setters on the floor at all times. It doesn’t matter that only one of the two setters is active at a given moment. One of the two setters “turns into” a hitter when entering the front row, which maintains the team’s offensive structure. Strengths of the 6-2 Volleyball Rotation

Where is the setter in the 6-2 volleyball rotation?

The other setter (or the hitter if replaced) is in the right front position. The basic starting serve receive line up when setter (S2) is in the right back position in 6-2 volleyball rotation.

Where is the outside hitter in a volleyball set?

Once the ball has been served the setter can simply run across to their base position. In the front row we actually have the opposite issue, the middle who we obviously want in the middle is at position 4 (top left) and the outside hitter who plays through position 4 is in the middle at position 3.

Which is better 6-2 or 5-1 in volleyball?

If you’re looking to operate an offensive hitting style with two setters, the 6-2 is your rotation of choice. But if you want to play with just one setter, the 5-1 is for you. Let’s dive into more detail… The first number in the name of the rotation indicates the hitters on the floor throughout a rotation.