What is a cut off triangle called?

What is a cut off triangle called?

Trapezoids look like triangles with their tops cut off. The one property that all trapezoids must follow is that they must have two sides that are parallel to each other. The special words we use with trapezoids are bases, legs, and altitude.

What is truncated shape?

(of a geometric figure or solid) having the apex, vertex, or end cut off by a plane: a truncated cone or pyramid. (of a crystal) having corners, angles, or edges cut off or replaced by a single plane.

What is a pyramid cut in half?

In geometry, a frustum (plural: frusta or frustums) is the portion of a solid (normally a cone or pyramid) that lies between one or two parallel planes cutting it.

What does a truncated cube look like?

In geometry, the truncated cube, or truncated hexahedron, is an Archimedean solid. It has 14 regular faces (6 octagonal and 8 triangular), 36 edges, and 24 vertices. If the truncated cube has unit edge length, its dual triakis octahedron has edges of lengths 2 and 2 + √2.

What is an oblique triangle?

An oblique triangle is any triangle that is not a right triangle. It could be an acute triangle (all threee angles of the triangle are less than right angles) or it could be an obtuse triangle (one of the three angles is greater than a right angle).

What are the 3 types of triangle?

On the basis of sides, triangles are classified into the following 3 types: equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle, and scalene triangle.

What is truncated of solid?

When a solid (prism/cylinder/pyramid/cone) is cut by a cutting plane inclined to its base (not parallel), the remaining portion thus obtained after removing the top portion is called the Truncated Solid.

What is truncated cylinder?

A cylindrical segment, sometimes also called a truncated cylinder, is the solid cut from a circular cylinder by two (or more) planes. If there are two cutting planes, one perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder and the other titled with respect to it, the resulting solid is known as a cylindrical wedge.

What is frustum of pyramid?

The frustum of a pyramid is a portion of a pyramid obtained by passing a plane parallel to the base, intersecting all the lateral edges. A frustum of a pyramid is a polyhedron enclosed by the lateral surface and the base of the pyramid.

What is a star pyramid?

Right pyramids with regular star polygon bases are called star pyramids. For example, the pentagrammic pyramid has a pentagram base and 5 intersecting triangle sides.

What are truncated polyhedra?

Truncating a polyhedron means that the corners (or the edges) are cut off. Starting with Platonic solids (regular polyhedra) and symmetrically slicing away the corners we get some Archimedean solids (semi-regular polyhedra). They are related because cube and octahedron are dual polyhedra.

What is meant by truncated solid?