What is a mod 0 compensator?

What is a mod 0 compensator?

The BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Compensator Mod 0-5.56 Designed to have much less side blast and noise associated with typical compensators. Makes it perfect for working in teams for CQB. It is a compensator that is built for the 21st Century Gunfighter! Nitride treated for maximum corrosion resistance. Includes a Crush Washer.

How good is an A2 flash hider?

Over the years, the A2 Flash Hider has gotten a bad rap. The Army spent a lot of time and money developing this marvel. It doesn’t look as cool as the new aggressive muzzle brakes, but it does a different job. The flash hider reduces flash so you are not blinded and there are no fireballs lighting up your position.

Are A2 flash hiders any good?

Is there a compensator for the BCM gunfighter?

Recently, Bravo Company USA announced their new BCM Gunfighter Comp. Available in the Mod 0 and slightly extended Mod 1 (to bring 14.5-inch barrels to a non-NFA 16-inch once mounted per ATF specs), this compensator was designed to be the best compromise between enhancing muzzle stability without excessive side blast or muzzle flash.

What is a tactical compensator in BattleComp?

An extremely popular accessory born from competition is the “tactical compensator”. As mentioned in my previous blog post on the BattleComp, in the past I had shied away from compensators for anything but competition because of the excessive side blast and flash that goes along with them.

How big is the barrel on the bcmgunfighter?

It is constructed from stainless steel. The MOD 1, which I was testing, is longer and comes pre-drilled for permanent installation to bring a 14.5” barrel up to 16” in length. The BCMGUNFIGHTER Comp 6 large slots (3 on each side) that are oriented front to back.

Which is better the BattleComp or the A2?

As you can see above, the A2 is also the clear winner here, since it is a true flash hider. The BattleComp and BCM both performed better than most other compensators on the market, which typically produce a huge fireball.