What is a Mollier diagram?

What is a Mollier diagram?

The Mollier diagram is a graphic representation of the relationship between air temperature, moisture content and enthalpy, and is a basic design tool for building engineers and designers. The Mollier diagram is a variant of the psychrometric chart.

Which lines have on Mollier diagram?

This diagram has a series of • constant temperature lines, • constant pressure lines, • constant quality lines, and • constant volume lines. ➢The Mollier diagram is used only when quality is greater than 50% and for superheated steam.

What are the parameters can be measured from Mollier chart?

Mollier diagram The amount of water vapor contained in the unit of the volume of air must not exceed a certain maximum value, which is dependent on the temperature. The warmer the air, the more water vapor can be contained in it. The Mollier graph shows the relationship between air temperature, humidity and enthalpy.

What is Mollier diagram of steam?

A Mollier diagram or steam tables allow determination of the energy available in a pound of steam for a specific pressure and temperature.

What is a enthalpy diagram?

An enthalpy diagram plots information about a chemical reaction such as the starting energy level, how much energy needs to be added to activate the reaction, and the ending energy. An enthalpy diagram is graphed with the enthalpy on the y-axis and the time, or reaction progress, on the x-axis.

How does a Mollier diagram work?

The purpose of the Mollier diagram The diagram provides a graphic representation of the relationship between physical conditions and the corresponding changes in the system: the two can be linked simply by drawing some lines and knowing what their intersections represent.

What is an enthalpy diagram?

Which of the following process is represented by vertical line on Mollier diagram?

A vertical line in the Mollier diagram represents the isentropic process (s = C).

What are the uses of steam tables and Mollier chart?

It is advisable to use Steam-tables or Mollier chart directly for easy and accurate estimation of the properties of steam, such as pressure, temperature, specific volume, enthalpy, entropy etc., which we have calculated by different relations for water/steam in different states under steam generation section.

Which equation forms the basis of Mollier diagram?

In the Mollier diagram, the constant pressure lines diverge from one another….

Q. The equation which forms the basis of the Mollier diagram is
A. tds=-dh+vdp
B. tds=dh+vdp
C. tds=dh-vdp
D. none of the mentioned