What is a randevu?

What is a randevu?

randevu (definite accusative randevuyu, plural randevular) date (pre-arranged social meeting), rendezvous. appointment.

What does having a rendezvous mean?

1 : a meeting with someone that is arranged for a particular time and place and that is often secret a romantic rendezvous He was late for their rendezvous. 2 : a place where people agree to meet at a particular time The restaurant will be our rendezvous.

Is randevu an English word?

noun, plural ren·dez·vous [rahn-duh-vooz; French rahn-de-voo]. an agreement between two or more persons to meet at a certain time and place.

How do you describe rendezvous?

Rendezvous is a very French way to say “meeting” or “date.” So go ahead and call your next dentist appointment or lunch date with friends a rendezvous. In the 1590s, rendezvous meant “a place for assembling of troops.” And you’ll still hear military tacticians talking about “rendezvous points” today.

What does Assignated mean?

1 : the act of assigning or the assignment made. 2 : an appointment of time and place for a meeting especially : tryst returned from an assignation with his mistress — W. B. Yeats.

What is the best definition of foraging?

the acquisition of food by hunting, fishing, or the gathering of plant matter. adjective. characterized by or dependent upon the acquisition of food by such means; food-gathering: a foraging people.

What’s another word for foraging?

What is another word for foraging?

hunting searching
ferreting around fossicking
looking ransacking
rummaging about rummaging around
rummaging round scrounging

Is a rendezvous a date?

What’s a rendezvous point?

1 a meeting or appointment to meet at a specified time and place. 2 a place where people meet. 3 an arranged meeting of two spacecraft.

What does rondayvoo mean?

noun, plural ren·dez·vous [rahn-duh-vooz; French rahn-de-voo] /ˈrɑn dəˌvuz; French rɑ̃ dɛˈvu/. an agreement between two or more persons to meet at a certain time and place.

What is the origin of the word rendezvous?

Rendezvous has originated from french rendez-vous, from rendez, second person plural, imperative of , of se rendre (“to go (to)”) + vous (“you”). So now its meaning: 1.a meeting or date.

How do you spell rendezvous?

The Correct spelling is: rendezvous. Common misspellings of the word rendezvous are: rendevous. rendezous. rendezvous in french. rendezvous in spanish. rendezvous in german. rendezvous in italian.